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The News Portal is a fully widgetized topic that is perfect for news, blogging and magazine purposes. Quick WordPress News Topic - Hot News Portal WordPress News Theme was developed for the needs of news portal sites of any kind. Whatever the subject (politics, sports, leisure, art, technology, etc.), we sincerely hope that you will find this subject useful. Usually viewers open the news portal on a regular and day-to-day base.

Viewers are spending a great deal of quality spending browsing the news gateways. Therefore, it is advisable to add some information about the services to the web pages of the news portal, such as e.g. meteorological conditions and date/time. The search and tagging system available in WordPress also allows your users to find some older articles more easily. The WordPress News theme is the first theme built on our new Sparky Framework 2.0.

The Hot News Portal is a fast-reacting WordPress topic. WordPress Customizer is supported for this design. All of the theme's customization choices can be adjusted in the Customize section and the results of your customizations can be viewed firsthand. This is a great way to experience this WordPress function together with our theme. The design is delivered with demonstration files.

By following our easy steps and installing the theme with demonstration files, you will get a pixel-perfect copy of our demonstration page. The topics on this page are thoroughly reviewed with the latest WordPress release. While our product is well-researched, if you encounter issues with installing or using topics, just ask your questions and our world-class technical assistance team will help.

It is a neat and accurate HTML and CSS file. PSD file and font are included with this theme. You can change our designs, or part of them, in Photoshop using the sources. The theme comes with a set of . mo and . po file names that can be used to compile the theme.

In addition, the topic works with RTL language and has a corresponding lay-out. Any plug-ins you see on the demonstration are priced in. Installing the design with demonstration files will also installs all plug-ins. There are many locations in this topic where you can place your WordPress Widget.

You can find the details of the "map" of all positions in the topic option pane. The theme has an embedded top level menuscript with multi-level supported. JQuery is the basis of the jQuery command. This topic includes Font Awesome symbol library functionality.

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