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The News Portal is an inventive, responsive magazine in the style of Free WordPress Theme. The best use for the entertainment, games and music portal WordPress website. The News Portal is a creative magazine in the style of Free WordPress Theme. ~ Portus - News Portal & Magazines WordPress Theme.


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The News Portal is an innovative, reactive free wordpress theme orientated news portal.... It' s entirely built on the Customizer, which lets you easily change much of the theme setting with real-time views. It' fully widgetized theme to give customers a chance to interact with the site using the easy to use a gadget.

This is an adaptive and intensive topic that offers customers a significant degree of adaptability and workability. Subjects is fully reactive and enhanced for any mobile device, e.g. iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows phones and others. The News Portal is the ultimative theme for magazines, with creatively designed and powerfully featured functions that let you quickly and simply build a look that meets your needs.

It' fully based on the Customizer, which allows you to adjust most theme presets using simple and easy way of previewing your themes later.

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Newssbd24 is a multi-purpose newspaper, magazine, WordPress theme for blogging that is best suitable for web pages that supply news about technology, fashion, sports, videos, health, travel, etc... Newssbd24 is a neat and easy to use WordPress theme that has been developed for face-to-face blogging as well as large news portal webpages. We' ve made great strides to offer an intuitively rugged and attractive design that allows you to build great web pages with less work.

Newssbd24's templates are ideal for a news, magazin, blogging, publication or reviews site, as well as supporting YouTube video and a ratings system. Not only does it use the best neat scrubbing procedures, it is also quick, straightforward and user-friendly. Furthermore, Newssbd24 provides support for Google Ads and AdSense.

Select between large or small picture, galery, videos from Adobe Premiere, videos from Adobe Premiere, videos from Adobe Premiere, videos from Adobe Premiere, videos from Adobe Premiere, videos from Adobe YouTube or Adobe Vimeo, sound cloud audio, reviews or offers.

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Magazines Theme, is a classy and attractive theme designed for the creation of magazines, news, news, news portal, blog and digital content publishing websites. It' a contemporary look with an sleek and reactive look, and is fully based on the Customizing tool, which allows you to adjust the look and feel of your designs using easy customization and preview. On the title page, there are three parts, Top, Center and Bottom, where you can add different Customizing blocks/sections and drag and drop them.

The Kathmag is fully compliant with all device and browser models.

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