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Pro Genesis News Kind Theme Tutor News Pro Childrens Theme is displayed as a perfectly themed website for a news or magazinestyle website, with the home page focused on the contents. However, with a total widgetized homepage, the choice you have for dragging in and dropping off contents is very versatile and this could work for any current blogs or even a commercial website out there. It will help you better grasp this topic - what it can and can't do - and help you use it safely without unpleasant surprises. Learn more about the topic and how it works. Buy the News Pro Childrens Theme today!

This is a step-by-step instructions to setup the News Pro theme home page as shown in the demonstration.

To see the versatility of this topic and the other adjustments you can make without knowledge of coding, make sure you view this one. Please note: When you upgrade to the latest WordPress release, you will notice that the upload of your customized head and wallpaper image is now in the theme canvas.

Top Widgets will use the Genesis Tabs plug-in. Watch this step-by-step guide to configure this plug-in for this topic. You can use Simple Visual if you want the embedded visuals in the bottom bar as shown in the demonstration. Go to Genesis > Theme Settings in your Dashboard.

Hint: If you make changes to the theme setting, always keep in mind to click SAVE. You can select the colour style for this theme here. But if you want to go on adjusting the theme's colours, you need to know and understanding CSS. There are six layouts in this design.

Contents are on the right, contents on the right. Contents right, elementary side bar right. Contents are on the right, contents on the right, contents on the right. Contents right, elementary and elementary side bar right. Center of contents, side bar second on the right, side bar second on the right. Complete page contents, no side bars. Your standard design for the homepage and the inside pages is the standard worldwide design chosen below.

Actually, you'll find these same choices under every individual posting and page. However, I suggest these preferences to display restricted contents. you will now notice that the addition of the user-defined headers to this design is in your design customization program. You' ll also see that colour schemes, crumbs and other adjustments are made here and under the Genesis adjustments.

For those who prefer a smaller design, this design allows a smaller one in the top right hand edge. In the Theme Customizing window, you will now see that you have added the user-defined wallpaper and wallpaper colour for this theme (or more in the future). Either an illustration or a colour can be used for the backdrop behind the contents of this theme.

However, the picture does not have to be a certain sized because the subject responds to the requirements and the picture is cropped, reduced and enlarged as needed. The theme has a main and a main navigational menue. There is a main submenu below the headline and a submenu above the headline.

Starting with Genesis 2.1, the Primary Navigational Extras option for new installations has been deleted. 1. (Upgrades the actual installation to 2. 1 do not loose the Primary Navigator Extras settings). When you perform a new installation and want to insert a date or find mask into a navigational bar, you will find this article to help you insert the required cod.

There may be an option for this topic to display some additional items on the right side of the main menu area. Also, if you select the RSS feeder link, you will need to browse to the top of Genesis > Theme settings and enter your feeder adress. Many Genesis topics have a homepage that is entirely driven by Widget.

These screenshots show you which area is controlled by which widget. Also keep in mind, if you don't insert a Widget area into most of these areas, that area simply won't be displayed. The Genesis Children's Topics homepage is a compilation of Genesis kids' widgets that include certain contents.

So you can insert for example a movie in the Home Top Widget or two pictures in the Home Middle Left and Home Middle Right. Consider this page as several fields that allow you to use any of the widgets. When you have widgets next to each other, e.g.

If you use the right one, you must use the right one, otherwise it will be empty. The same applies to the wide areas of footer 1-6. When you decide not to place widgets in an area like Home Bottom, that area will be faded out until you actually place a Widget in it.

The majority of the Widgets used to include tagged postings, tagged pages, etc. requires that you include a tagged picture in your posting or page. Using the Features Posted Broadcast, I only selected a few category from one of my pages for demonstrations. In order to do this, use the Image Widget, dragging it into your Header Right widget, and up-loading your 728 x 90 pixels ad, linking it and adding the links.

Completely optionally, other wide screens like the Simple Social Icons work well there or just let it empty. In order to keep the tabs in the Home Top, please download the Plugin/Widget Genesis Tabs, enable it and insert the featureted tabs into the Home Topidge area. In order to configure this like the demonstration, just append the introduced mail-widget to the home middle links Widget.

Obviously you have several choices as to how you want this to look with this wideget alone, but again for the purposes of the demonstration these are the preferences. In order to setup this like the demonstration, just append the introduced mail-widget to the Home Middle Right Widget. You' ll find that this is exactly the same as Home Middle Left, but with slightly different setting.

In order to configure this like the demonstration, just append the introduced mail-widget to the Home Bottom Widgets. We use the same broadget, different attitudes. Those widgets footer areas are completely customizable and you will want to make sure that when you use them, you insert contents that enhance the features of your website.

It does this by allowing something to be added after each posting. It' s going to be after every single contribution. Buy the News Pro Childrens Theme today! These are some of them that I currently have a tutorial on and that were developed specifically for Genesis.

If you want customized contents in your main and/or sub side bars on certain postings and pages, this plug-in allows you to do this simply, as well as by categorization. Genetic Editing - An easier way to manipulate your blogs posting information and meeta, like authors name, posting catagories, etc.

You can also generate user-defined text in the bottom line, such as a copyrighted text, or all contents in the bottom line area can be modified using HTML. Simple Comments - Effortlessly manipulate any piece of information integrated into your design in the Comments pane. Simple menus from Genesis - If you are using a subordinate theme with a submenu navigator, you can now customise which menus you want to display on certain pages, articles, or catagories.

Genetic Titles Toggle - Do you want to fade out the postal or page name? With this plug-in you can do this by simply checking a checkbox on that particular page or posting, or you can do it global. If you have decided to display spreadcrumbs, simply process them with this plug-in.

404 Genesis Page - Have you ever wanted to adjust the page that someone with a 404 bug gets that wasn't found? The Genesis Design Palette Pro - Change type faces, colours, cushions and more without having to know codes. It offers a variety of choices that work with some Genesis childrens theme.

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