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News sites must enable new channels to share news at a rapid pace. Would you like a news or magazine website? Build the next hot off of the press blog with this appealing news blog template. Joomla Responsive News Template specifically designed for portal or magazine websites. Build your website with a turnkey solution using a compelling news website template for Joomla CMS.

Messages - Template for magazine portal & news website

If you are a prospective reporter who keeps the globe up to date, or a community based news coverage group, our news template could be the ideal basis for your news page. Dynamically designed functions keep your front page up to date with the latest hot topics so you can concentrate on making your report as good as possible.

As this is a topic for reporter, it must make the addition of new items simple. Strong functionality of the beloved Q2 components meet these needs, with rich item choices that allow you to specify category and show or hide each item, such as authors detail, annotations and suggested items, according to your needs, while the information-filled home page depends on our notable free module to make the distinction.

Used to view items in a variety of ways, from plain text lists to images with superimposed titles and news clippings, our flag NSP expansion offers thousands of ways to customize your website with a variety of combination and selection options. It' also automatic; once it' established, you can choose which category you want it to come from, and it will refresh itself whenever new items are added, so you can concentrate on extracting the big shovels.

Added functionality adds that little something special; GK4 contains real-time meteorological update for the place of your choosing, and tabs can be combined with the news show to show the latest news and commentary or show any customization. Turn your website into your own with unparalleled, outstanding features.

YES Nex - News Magazine Joomla Template

YES NEX- News Magazine Joomla Template has come in. Based on JA's rugged JAT3v3 framework and supported by JA News Pro, JA Contentslider and JA Tabs - JA NEX combines everything in an easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate way. At JA Nex we have added K2 components and kuenena components to our game.

Delivered with free add-ons and six colour themes-JA NEX shows how news on the web can and should work. Based on the rugged T3v3 framework, it comes with several free enhancements. We have our best-selling Teline Joomla template line for news and magazines that runs for years.

Incorporated into the Kunena Forums, your JA Nex news page now has a full viewing panel. The JA Next is available in Standard, Black, Blue, Green, Orange and Pink. When Joomla standard contents doesn't please you, the K2 components are probably there for the salvation. This means that you get these additional layout to start playing with your Joomla page.

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