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Ladies' Magazines Times Now for broadcasting CCTV material in Tarun Tejpal Raping Case The NWMI beat up Times Now over the illegal broadcasting of CCTV material and the associated burden on survivors. Errors when inserting media: Network of Women in Media, India (NWMI) has sent a note to Bennett, Coleman and Company opposing two broadcasts on the Times Now television on May 28. The CCTV material broadcasted by the station on that date was seen as proof of the case of sexual assault against former Tehelka founding father and publisher Tarun Tejpal.

In addition, the station had discussion participants discussing what the material "proved". Recalling that the case was heard in court and that the court case was held in secret, NWMI claimed that the broadcast of the shows was unlawful and insensible to the survivors. The question arises as to how the broadcaster could have given in to such an act without respecting its lawfulness.

"India, the network of women in the media, is horrified by two broadcasts in Times Now on 28 May 2018 about the case of Tampal being raped, which were both unlawful and immoral. These two shows, which ran successively at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m., were entitled "Secrets of a Dark Night" in the India Upfront Show, hosted by Times Now Editor-in-Chief Rahul Shivshankar and "Tejpal's Discretions on CCTV" in the news hour discussion, hosted by Times Now managing editor-politics Navika Kumar.

The two broadcasts were unlawful and violated 327 paras. 2 and 3 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC), which explicitly forbids any reporting on procedures that take place in secret. It was also a clear breach of the Code of Ethics & Broadcasting Standards and the News Broadcasting Standards (Disputes Redressal) Regulations of the News Broadcasters Association (NBA), of which your member is your CH.

" NWMI has also pointed out that although the anchor group tried to make it look like they were on the survivor's side, the shows actually tried to "influence popular sentiment against the author and in favor of the more powerfull defendants. "NWMI has described the act as "highly responsible, immoral and illegal" and has said that it is a deliberate crossing of "legal and moral boundaries".

If you concentrate on the one who survived, that's the letter: "Those brutally anti-ethical and sensational shows have deeply shaken and violated the complainant's worth. Translating its experiences with crime insensitively, it has pushed aside the fundamental judicial principle of ensuring that victims/defendants of sex offenses receive all the necessary social assistance in the fight for their human right.

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