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Tenup is a global online marketing company that focuses on providing fine-tuned Web sites, applications, and utilities that drive corporate goals. Established in California with a fully dispersed teams, the Webby Winner and Emmy-nominated work encompasses tenup assignments with well-known brands such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google and the New York Times. Tenup was established in 2011 by Jake Goldman.

As Jake settled into his small home studio, he started working with Boatstrapping Top Ten. Right from the start, however, the focus of 9up was on the highest technical level and stylish editorial/administrative experience. Using a powerful connectivity ecosystem, Jake quickly gained thrilling customers such as 9to5mac, Trulia and TechCrunch. Using the early complements to his squad, many of which stay at 10-up and some of which have entered formidable positions in other areas of the business, Jake has grown from one person - himself - to more than 100 in less than 5 years - without a gram of outside capital outlay.

It is a troubleshooting group - strategies, design, engineering and so on. Be it a discrete and customized response to a client need, an cutting-edge development environment synchronization paradigm, or the management of new industry norms such as Ads. txt, this group is always looking for new ways to address the issues we face every single day. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of our customers, our customers, and our customers.

Perhaps it has something to do with our distant cultures, our deep orientations or a growing teams culture...but almost everyone who begins at our company will comment on how welcome their leaders, colleagues and craftsmanship are to welcome them on board and offer assistance through their beginning and term of office. Please tell us about a customer you are particularly proud of.

This has been a multi-year effort, and our people have done an excellent amount of work to build the usability expertise, develop a scaleable application, support our modification tools, and train our development and administration teams. From the very first days, we concentrated heavily on the expertise in the creation and administration of contents - the backend and editing flow that can have a huge influence on the effectiveness of the company and the luck of the people in charge of distributing the contents.

This was particularly clear when we turned to our classical and new editors for some new open code project supports - such as Easy Podcasting - and found that the UI makes much more sense in the new contexts. The WP Campus and WordCamp for Publishers offer a beautiful, targeted repetition of the attractive fellowship happenings.

In a different way, our staff also gets a lot out of the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) meeting in ways that are conducive to career advancement and colleague inspirations. This year our staff is again expanding; we are expecting to add ~25-30% to our staff and we are hoping to do so while maintaining a dedicated and supporting corporate environment and using tools that guarantee that we meet the highest standard of workmanship.

A few important areas of our expansion are the Group' s Europe division and our strategy consultancy services, Audience & Revenue. Our goal is also to better communicate the excitement and innovation that we do and the way we grow to our clients and a wider audience interested in working with us.

Expect to see more stories and stay informed about 10up more efficient ways to stay informed about these stories. Come back often as we keep adding new ones! Thanks, 1 0up! Read more about 10up: Internal competencies include front- and backend engineering, visual design, UX design, systems/cloud infrastructure engineering, online advertising, analytics, as well as general business development and strategy consultancy. Over the last 7.5 years of our history, we have completed several hundred highly acclaimed company-wide assignments.

Our two AMC Networks hands-on engagements have been selected for the Emmy Awards. Many of our customer engagements have been selected for Webby Awards, several of which we have won. We have implemented exceptional assignments in most of the key industries, working with leading brands in financial, health, media services and publishers, science, retailing, grocery and beverages, and non-profit organizations to name a few.

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