Newspaper Style Template

Template for newspaper style

Select a designed or blank template. You can download the Old Style newspaper template and edit it easily. Use this newspaper template to help you design a modern and productive product for your customers.

Newspaper template - Portrait

We' ve had a good number of users using our freely customizable PowerPoint template and a good deal of response. We had some calls to use these in the vertical style to make tabloid-style papers, so we transformed this favorite template to print well in A4 for you.

Newspaper PowerPoint artwork is also available in horizontal formats, ideal for wide sheet design. Use these free template files for your educational project. These different genres work for a number of different types of project, from a "wanted" posters, a historic events or a new interpretation of a history. In addition, you can customize the photos and text of these template files to create funny version that you can share with your loved ones.

You can, for example, convert the image into a "flattering" photograph of the receiver for a 21 anniversary party and add your own title to the festivities. We would be happy if you liked this PowerPoint template on FaceBook or Weeting.

Newspaper template package for Word free of charge. The perfect school

Here is the first newspaper template package, it contains nice themes and you can choose your favourites from the dropdown below. Remember, these are for Microsoft Word, so you need a working copy of the file on your computer (either Mac or PC works fine). Tip: You can see a bigger picture by clicking on the thumbnails.

Newspaper for Microsoft Word. Just enter your text instead of the contents of the dolly that now appears on it (and either substitute the picture or insert your own). Do not hesitate to reorder the products and objects according to your wishes. I would like to invite you to revisit my website to search for new products.

Open it in words and just enter your text and images. Naturally, you can copy the text fields and make more pages. You can change all colours. This is another text for World. Just enter your text instead of the Lorem Ipsum text that now appears on it (and either substitute the picture or insert your own).

Do not hesitate to reorder the products and objects according to your wishes. Naturally, you can change the colours in all and you can insert your images quite simply. All right, what you get in this is a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx) that you can use at your will.

You can edit everything, simply insert text and images. They can also customize the color or positioning of the contents. There is only one page, but you can copy the designed contents box to new pages and expand your publishing. It' s just you, your contents and the customisable paper/magazine. Fill out the two-sided template for Microsoft Word.

It may be more difficult to process, but all you have to do is fill the fields with your own images and substitute your contents for the blind text. You are welcome to change formatting, colours, size, positions, etc. Looks just beautiful with the contents. Everybody is cordially invited to use the provided patterns at their own discretion.

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