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In addition, the entire World Wide Web is flooded with newspaper templates. Use the Publisher to generate a newspaper template as follows A newspaper should contain trusted messages and incidents that attract your readers' interest. You will find annotations, advertisements, articles and other useful information in a newspaper. There are things you should keep in mind when creating a newspaper template for your local schools, neighbourhood or work. The fact that a newspaper is similar to a letter allows you to subscribe to a letter in order to produce your template.

Publisher provides customizable message types that you can modify to produce a newspaper template that fits the purpose of your work. Go to Microsoft Publisher and choose "Publications for printing" in the "New from design" section. Choose "Newsletter" from the menu on the right under "Publications to Print" and browse through the thumbnail images to find the template to use.

Search for a newsletter with pictures, headlines, and colums - items typical of newspaper styling - and click the desired page style. Open a new template on your computer monitor. Under " Newsletter options ", choose one or two-sided print. By choosing the zooming function you can better display your excerpts and texts.

This is how you make a newspaper template with PublisherChange all pictures by right-clicking on it and choosing "Change Picture, Clipart" or "Change Picture, from File". "Select the number of column for your template by choosing "Page content" in the area on the top right and select the miniature image with the desired number of column.

To add a page to your newsletters, click on the "Insert page" button at the bottom right under "Page content". Change your theme by clicking on the "Publication themes" button in the area on the far right and browsing through the themes. Select the designer miniature image you want to use for your newspaper.

Changing the schema columns for your template by using "Color palettes" in the area on the far right and adding new colours. Customize your own colours by dragging and dropping the "Custom Colour Scheme" button. Changing your type topic by using "Fonts" in the area on the far right and select the typeface you want to use.

In this area, you can also modify your fonts preferences, styles, and formats. In order to customize a text typeface for your text, mark it and choose "Format, Font" from the icon bar. Insert the news items you want your newspaper to contain. When you are happy with your newsletters, click "File" and then "Save as" on the icon bar to store your template.

Rename "Save as Type" to "Publisher Template" and name your template. "Your newspaper template is now completed. To open a new template file, double-click on it and it will be opened from the template you create. If you have any queries, would like to send in your idea or just want to find out more, please visit our About Us page: see below.

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