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Top Newspaper Topics for WordPress The first in our WordPress "Best of" franchise, this paper explores the topics of the WordPress newspaper. We offer you the 30 best WordPress newspaper motifs as well as two novelty aggregate motifs. There are no "news magazine" topics, but we will discuss them in our next issue on topics in magazinestyle.

Topics are categorised a little differently than the ones you're used to. There is a blurred line between newspaper and magazines, but we have tried to make that difference. Here you can find some great topics. By the end of the year we will be publishing a summary of the best WordPress topics.

The Zenko (demo) Zenko is a classy and colorful newspaper motif. Versatile and dedicated design allows you to customize the design to your needs. There are two ways to view items, with the Features slide bar or as furnished category. And the best part is that all user-defined Widget in the demonstration are delivered with the design.

As every contemporary styling it has an option window for beginners. Meet Smashing Book 6 - our latest edition, which focuses on true front-end experiences in the field: from CSS Custom Properties, CSS Grid, Service Workers, Performances, AR/VR and fast reacting Arts direction to accessibility and accessibility.

This has everything a newspaper theme needs. Bringing the classical message design into the 21 st centuries, the designers gave it a contemporary feel and excellent widget placement. There are two pillars in the body of the contents area where you can organize your category and widget. Contains all user-defined Widget.

Though I don't like topics that allow you to dramatically alter the look, you can turn it into a blogs topic. This theme is based on the website of the Daily Telegraph. With the colour range and the round edges, the designers have added a contemporary note. You can customize the home page in the backend, where you can select which category and post to display.

They can also modify the wallpaper colour, administer advertising and insert wide strips to the side bars. Design comes with a number of user-defined widgets. This newspaper motif has many awesome items. Among the jQuery's unparalleled capabilities for reader includes the possibility to administer category and draw and drop functions for layouts.

The theme is completely widgetized, with stunning 32 locations, and comes with a front panel and user-defined Widgets. Newspaper WP (Demo) WP Newspaper is one of my favourites. She has the feeling of a genuine broadsheet newspaper. Featuring an sleek yet easy design it would be a great design for your message website.

There are four different categories in the Advertising Engine (two columns, Medium, Magazin and Standard) and the Advertising Engine shows different advertisements for each of them. Newspaper WP also support FLV video player and jQuery tools. Journal (Demo) This newspaper is clearly laid out. Emphasises clear type ography and a clear lattice instead of creating images, making this a child's play.

De-adline (Demo) De-adline is a high-performance and professionally designed newspaper topic. No matter whether your website is a private blogs or a full-fledged, content-rich newspaper, you''ve got deadlines under your thumb. It controls the layouts, and you can organize your ads, show the latest news and videos. The PIM (Demo) PIM offers flexibility in customizing, also for homepage widgets, skin and type.

Artshemia (Demo) Artshemia gives your message website a bright colour. Allows you to apply a colour to each newscategory without having to modify the template. Pretty customized Widget highlights the top storyline and presented items, and the brightly colored catagories come with brief description. While the backend is not as sophisticated as in some other topics, it is more than enough for newbies.

Simplified Reader (Demo) Simplified Reader follows a different strategy. It' a kind of turnkey application, a real life sampling that you can turn into a pro newscast. It has a sleek design, and the beautiful jQuery page style makes it easy for the reader to reload pages. Design comes with a raster and two-column page layouts.

They can also use the radio button window to customise analyses, design layouts, administer community sites and advertise. The SportsPress (Demo) SportsPress is intended for sport, but can also be used for other newsgroups. Design can be customised in the backend, with an extended option pane that lets you navigate the whole homepage, with seven broadget positions and several user-defined widgets. What's more, you can also customise the design to suit your own needs.

Solid News (Demo) Massive News is a three-column WordPress theme. It is possible to toggle the topic from three to two pillars, administer or deactivate the slide bar for selected messages and pages on the home page, and modify the contents wallpaper colour. This radio button integrates Google Analytics, customized feature rich contents widgets, advertising and related contents, and more.

It is a classy multi-purpose theme with a singular homepage that is perfect for those who want a more sophisticated feeling for their website. Featuring 12 selectable style settings and a front control box for extended choices, the design is simple to customise. If you run a kind of intelligence agency, newspaper, newsletter or even blogs and are looking for a way to present your contents professionally, then Bulldog could be the answer for you.

Closeness One of the problems with WordPress is duplication of contents, especially on magazines and message-sites. This topic has been coded to eliminate duplication of information without the use of category. The Proximity has a built-in option window, one of the simplest and most adaptable I've ever seen.

The New Yorker (Demo) This was taken from the New York Times website. A lot of guys were looking for such a theme, so it was a great thought to create it. Homepage and side bars are fully widgettized; you can use any of the seven user-defined Widgets (Thumbnails, Menu, Annotations, Gravatars, Google Analytics and FeedBurner) together with all WordPress default workstations.

This theme has a four-column design, so you can better manage the home page and place advertising almost anywhere. There are also choices for columns size, type, navigation, and more. The design uses the Droid Sans Web from Google fonts (changeable in the options). By customizing the category in the Preferences pane, you can apply colors to the theme.

As with all Pro Theme Design product, it comes with a variety of user-defined Widget options.

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