Newspaper Theme Documentation

Documentation of the newspaper motif

The Newspaper X is one of the most popular news style WordPress themes used by thousands of magazine website owners worldwide. One, a huge thank you for purchasing this theme, your support is really welcome! Documentation of the newspaper motif: Introducing the Topic Panels

Not only is the newspaper topic another WordPress message topic, we build this deep personally and unbelievable event for you. The newspaper is the frame for your newspaper, newspaper, periodical, publisher or critic page. We' ve incorporated all our basic convictions into this theme: neat programming, iconic versatility, amazing design, intuitional theme panel, rapid load times and excellent backup.

Join the theme panels of the newspaper! This annotated introductory videos shows you the most important features available on the topic welcome page. Watch this videotape to guide you through the newspaper panels and the major parts of the welcome page. The Newspaper Theme Panels also offer a "map" with clear descriptions to facilitate the transfer to the Newspaper Theme.

Documentation of the newspaper motif: User-defined slide gallery

Featuring a stunning styling and integral light box function, this stunning slideshow has been designed to increase the value of your items. In order to build an Image Picture gallery, perform these steps: 1 - Click the Append Media icon. 2 - Click the Make Galleries links on the Media page. 3 - Choose the pictures that will be shown in this album.

7 - Press the Insert Galerie pushbutton. If you want to modify the Galerie, click the Pen IconStep 9 - Click the Publish/Update Buttons. You should have a girlfriend like that by now:

1. how to set up, enable, load and view your demos and make your website look like the Newspaper X theme demos.

One of the most beloved WordPress topics in the message genre, Newspaper is used by hundreds of millions of magazine website users around the world. It' very simple to set up and customise, as we will show on the following video clips. 1. how to set up, enable, load and view your demos and make your website look like the Newspaper XP theme demonstration.

Exemplary procedure with the topic options of the newspaper Z. The free theme of this issue is very adaptable and adaptable. Watch this tutorial to see what this theme can do if you optimize it with theme options. For the design of Newspaper Quark, soft symbols are created from the custom WordPress menu. Newsspaper will use WordPress Custom Widgets for the front page and this brief movie will show you how to use them and how to customise the design to make your website look exactly the way you want it to.

You can turn on and off a widget according to your needs and arrangement.

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