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Review of the newspaper topic

The Newspaper is a highly flexible and customizable premium theme that is feature-rich and fast. Developed for news, magazines and other publication sites, it can also be used as a flexible multi-purpose theme. See if this topic is the one you're looking for in our newspaper report. The Newspaper is a nice news topic developed by tagDiv, an author of Envato Power Elite, for the publishing industry. Designed to handle large volumes of content, the newspaper features a bold and elegant design combined with the power of versatility.

News report from our specialists

The Newspaper is a massively adaptable, feature-rich and quick premium theme. Developed for newspapers, magazines and other publications, it can also be used as a versatile multi-purpose theme. See if this topic is the one you're looking for in our newspaper report. Newsspaper is one of the most beloved and highest ranked WordPress topics on Themeforest.

It is a magazine-style theme and is best suitable for newscast websites, online journals and other publication, but is still sufficiently versatile to be used as a multifunctional theme. The Newspaper is developped by TagDiv and is equipped with many functions. Creating a theme for the mag is about making it easier for you to customise your website and build a professionally looking newsgroup page with a look that is truly special.

Not two websites that use this theme will look the same. Once the design is installed, you can go to the Newspaper " Topic Area page and select all customisation settings. There are many different layouts available for each page. Theme Colors and Theme Fonts allow you to modify the look of any section of your website, from the headline to the bottom.

Magazines include user-defined fonts, Google Fonts, and Typekit, so there's no end to your types. Use of the same headers is one of the ways many websites look the same. With Newspaper, you can build a unique website by delivering over a dozen headlines. The Topic area allows you to insert your ad key very simply and it will be shown quickly and conveniently so that it looks good on any largecreen.

The newspaper also contains a dozen broadsheets. Blocs allow you to view your blogs in a customized and versatile way. News Paper has a basic built-in artery that works similar to the Jetpack artery. In order to build a galery from any page or article, click the Add Media icon in the visible media editor. Click the Add Media icon in the left pane.

Click the Make Galerie button on the sidebar to the right and browse (or upload) pictures from your local libraries. You can then click "TagDiv Slide Gallery" in the option under Galerie Type. Thereby a basic slide show gallary will be created: Newspaper theme comes with some free plug-ins included:

TagDiv provides outstanding documentary on the website, which covers all the functions of the newspaper theme. It' extensive and contains screen shots of each stage. Purchasing the Newspaper theme will include 6 month of developer assistance through a special personal assistance board. Provide a 1 working days reply rate and personal e-mail assistance if needed.

There is also an additional 12 -month extension available. The Newspaper is a beautiful piece of furniture with great versatility and possibilities. Like with any complex topic, there is definitely a starting point to learn. Several of the built-in functions are better done with plug-ins, such as the very simple picture galleries (we suggest Envira Galleries instead).

In this way, if you ever choose to change the theme, your picture galeries will be kept. An outstanding characteristic of Newspaper is its flexibility in terms of format. Not two pages that use this theme will look the same. We' ll give the paper five out of five star. This is the break-down of our valuation results:

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