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News from tagsDiv Newsspaper is a WordPress topic that lets you easily post and post blogs and newscasts. It is the best newspaper and newspaper layout there is. A bestselling topic that' great for blogs, it's great for a newspaper, periodical, news, publisher or reviews page. In compliance with GDPR, the topic is quick, easily and simply to use for a crypto currency, fashions, meals, lifestyle, contemporary, private, travel, luxurious, virtual, minimal, minimalistic designs and more.

Newsspaper provides fast response support for Google Ads and AdSense. This is the quickest newspaper motif on the market. We' ve been spending a lot of our attention optimizing every facet of the subject to achieve the best possible performance. Vorlagenliste: Individual pbpress style + user-defined log-in system - you can now easily create a user group.

Thank you for your interest in our topic! new: tagsDiv Composer now support undedo and redeo promotions. new: classic demonstration. You can change all template (like creator, categories, single posts, etc.) with tagsDiv Composer. new: tagsDiv picture style: full width centre - available in the picture detail window while working on a posts.

Very useful and allows you to create your own design with full frames if the item has no side bars. New: Flexblock 3, 4 and 5. Featuring new flexible blocks that allow you to create unprecedented layout with great versatility. New: Ability to fade out captioning of presented pictures used on user-defined individual artwork.

added: Review is now fully featured for user-defined individual styles. new: Now you can download and choose user-defined styles from the Cloud Library and edit them with tagsDiv Composer: 404, Library, Attach, Find and Tags. Every writer and every categorie page can have a customized style sheet. Misc: The spreadcrumbs now supports customized link types, so that you can overwrite the WordPress provided link types on customized style sheets like the writer, a page, categorys and much more with ease. Misc: The spreadcrumbs on customized style sheets now generate JSON-LD for your site. Misc: The tagsDiv Cloud Library's built-in style sheets can now be sorted by style (single, categorys, authors, etc.). Misc: two different styles can be selected for the tagsDiv Cloud Library.

Up to 5 user-defined scripts can now be loaded into the themes. fix: The text of the columns and the text of the titles are now coded to avoid manual editing of the page. fix: various multi-purpose items such as current annotations and text with images. fix: lives JavaScript did not work in Firefox browsers. fix: different permission controls in tagsDiv Composer for editing and authoring.

So now an editors can use the plug-in, but not modify the page headers or other page options. Fix: The Visual Composer 5. Functions of tagsDiv Composer are not supported by 5+. fix: Adjustment of the edge radii on button. fix: Fonts of the symbol boxes did not work as intended. fix: CSS problems when Speed Builder is enabled. fix: tagDiv Amp plug-in now disinfects the base text as usual. fix: smartlist 6 CSS fixed. fix: When using customized tags from the tagDiv Cloud Library, the themes now shows the "no post text" as usual. fix: Added offsets supported on tags used in customized tags to the Cloud Library. fix: Added meteorological ID to cities. fix: added different fixed on the base page. fix: added different Firef types to Firefox. fix: added different Firef types to Firefox. fix: added different Firef types to Firefox to Firefox. fix: added different Firef types to Firefox to Firefox. fix: added Firefox to Firefox to Firefox. fix: added Firefox to Firefox. fix: added Firef types to Firefox:

New: This release provides a completely new style creation system that allows you to dynamically design your own style sheets with tagsDiv Composer and use them on your pages, individually, in categories, etc. New: Over 50 new pads that draw information onto the dynamically created style sheets. So for example, a simple dynamical plugin created by dragging and dropping can show all your contributions. new: updatebutton for contained plugins.

Its design keeps the tagsDiv Composer and Social Counter plug-in up to dateutomatically. Miscellaneous: If the mb_string enhancement is absent, the themes will now display a message instead of a blank display. Miscellaneous: additional checking in the mod_substitute, gd library and other needed enhancements stats panels. New: We've added additional checking in the mod_substitute, gd libraries and other needed enhancements stats panels. New: Added provision for the privacy page Policies WordPress on the login/registration mode windows. New: Added preference to deactivate Google font in the themes panels - Font - Google font preferences.

Loading and using can be done by loading your own custom character set file instead of using your own character set. Miscellaneous: The tagsDiv multi-purpose plug-in is part of the tagsDiv Composer plug-in. It is not necessary to reinstall the multipurpose plug-in now, as all features have been shifted to dayDiv Composer. Misc: The plug-in upgrade system has been entirely rewritten. What's more, the plug-in is now available in a new version.

Trying to upgrade the plug-in in several ways and if it does fail, it displays an administrator hint with information about which plug-in did fail and why. misc: All plugs now have a build date on them besides the release. misc: The topic is now GDPR conform. new: Short cuts for use in base text - date, site link, privacy_policy and more.

Shortcut keys are available in the topic field next to the settings. Enhancement: enhanced tagsDiv Composer selector. We' ve optimised the songwriter to just download what is needed and where it is needed. Wp-adminspeed should increase significantly. Improvement: enormous performance improvements in tagsDiv Composer Editor. A full storage usage auditing was performed for tagDiv Composer and some storage leakage was corrected. Improvement: We deleted unnecessary verifications from tagsDiv Composer.

Enhancement: tagsDiv composer now has a new colour pickeder skript, which is much quicker than the old one. New: We have upgraded the Visual Compiler to the latest release.

Different CSS and HTML structural fixing for different parts of the topic. We' ve fine-tuned all the demo's to look and feel great. New: Speed Booster plug-in new. New: Interesting blocks and widgets. Stylishly display your favourite forums with this new book.

New: This topic supports blocks of 17 different styles and is delivered with 17 different styles. You can use a pad style sheet to modify the look of the titles, page breaks, and more of a pad. It also affects the look of annotations, related postings, and Widgets. Fixed:

New: The plugin page from which a plugin is installed by a users has been totally redone to make it more user-friendly. New: Added functionality for overwriting blocks in demo files via the themes-API system.

New: The comment form is now JavaScript enabled. New: Author's pad - this pad shows image, social and descriptive text of the writer. All in a beautiful and adaptable look. misc: different types of re-factoring and optimization of CoreCode. misc: Filename and filename are now displayed on every modul, smartlist, template etc. misc: In the system health control the theme now displays the licence keys used in the actual installation, and we also have a tool to delete the licence from the installation. new: We are very pleased that this release of the themes support Retina-enabled pictures. new: All blocs can now be re-factored and optimized. misc: different CoreCode-Refactoring and optimization. misc: Filename and filename are now displayed on every modul, smartlist, template etc. misc: In the system health control pane the themes now displays the licence keys used in the actual installation, and we also have a tool to delete the licence from the installation. new: We are very pleased that this release of the themes support Retina-enabled pictures. new: All blocs can now be re-factored.

You can add the category in Visual Composer while you edit the blocks. Upgrade note: Please be aware that this release does not work with older Visual Composer releases. new: Facebook tagged movie display supported. New: Full row supports for full size, columns location and contents location added to Visual Composer. New: Added independent hiding of authors name in chapters and on individual contributions settings.

Until now there was only one overall preference. misc: All block now show a hint to administrators on the front end when needed. misc: We have modified the way Visual Composer plugins recognize Visual Composer plugins. New: We have added the Design Option tabs to most block names. New: The Weather widget now opens an entry when it can't find the current users using the browser's Site APII.

Easy to use - essentially all newspaper areas are adaptable by the administrator. For each newspaper type, you can have different layout. It'?s a fast-paced subject. It' s really unbelievable how quickly the pages created with Newspaper are loaded! You know that the pace of creating a website is very important, so we have devoted a lot of effort to improving this topic so that the newspaper can load very quickly.

Now you can simply insert your own JavaScripts without having to worry about any incompatibility between the design and your own script. Newsspaper uses a very small number of remote directories, so it is very simple to introduce new functions to this topic.

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