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Newspaper WordPress theme has a design and style that will be familiar to readers of all leading online news websites. gazette Hundreds of originals and a variety of sexy screens and fashions are awaiting you. If you have a great tale to tell, we know how important it is to find just the right words and the right shape to tell the word to the people. Not every storyline has one single theme, so we've made over 35 custom mail submissions that give you the writing, presentation, sending, and publishing power you need.

The Newspaper 9 is all you need to explore the liberty of being imaginative! Increase the web-discovery of your visitors with Newspaper 9! Featuring a distinctive styling and built-in light box function, this photo album is the ideal choice for any photo album. You can have different page proportions and each picture shows a caption and copyrights information.

This function was developed with auto-play assistance and brings more visitors to your website. Newspaper' easy to use options panel gives you full control over the theme's functions and preferences.

Best 27 WordPress Newspaper Topics (2018)

Looking for the best WordPress newspaper images? Newspaper sites require a topic that can showcase your latest and trendiest newscasts. We have selected some of the best WordPress newspaper images in this review for you to try on your website. WordPress is used by many of the world's top brand names, among them some of the top newsmakers.

To compare, see our articles about the differences between and

It is recommended to use the self-hosted as it gives you immediate use of all WordPress functions after unpacking. You will need a domainname and a WordPress webspace account to get going. Now that that's said, let's take a look at some of the best WordPress topics you can use for a newspaper website.

Like the name implies, magazines is a WordPress newspaper and journal topic developed to give your readers fast and easy acces to the latest contents. Some of the other remarkable functions are limitless side bars, user-defined widgets, as well as full support for your own application, as well as full support for your social media integration, news ticker and more. Woozbeat is a contemporary WordPress newsletter and periodical topic. His home has a brickwork raster top lay-out to present your contents, followed by the latest article and other areas of your website.

Supplied with customized search and social networking capabilities. Setting up the topic is simple with a variety of choices organised tidily under the Living Topic Customiser. The Responz is a light and stylish WordPress newspaper motif. Your presented contents are displayed in a roundabout at the top, followed by a three-column lay-out to present further contents at the top.

There are 4 themes skin, the option between two and three columns styles, headers and footers sliders, two navigational menu and softwares. Contains a page with topic choices to quickly setup your website and add contents. The public opinion was developed specifically for WordPress-based newspaper web sites and magazine.

Sleek and contemporary, this design comes with a high-performance homepage design with nice contents look, devoted commercials, navigational menu and contents detection functions. There are different page styles for categories and the area of the homepage. The Baseline is a high-performance WordPress Magazin topic designed for newspaper and all content-rich Web sites.

Featuring a contents slide bar and a foldable mega-menu at the top, it lets you view the most mighty tales of the moment at the top to make them more easily discoverable. It' s conceived so that it works immediately after unpacking without topic selections. In order to reach this objective, it contains only the topic items you actually need.

The Hive is a contemporary WordPress issue with a clear and simple look. The system processes the presented pictures in both vertical and horizontal format in order to produce nice brickwork. Hive is developed for better legibility and uses Droid Serif for paragraph and Playfair Display for headlines. It is a nice typographic combo that is perfectly suited for newspaper web sites.

Some other noteworthy functions are the themes dashboard, colour selections, soft symbols, styles preset, Google fonts and more. The Indigo is a versatile WordPress topic that can be used on newspaper and journal Web pages. It' simple to customise with the Topic Option page and the Living Customiser. The Doberman is a classy WordPress mag and message topic for lifestyle, viral contents and entertaining related newscasts.

This comes with full inclusion of free online content, multi position navigators, nice pictures, the latest message tipper, Instagram and advertising widgets. WordPress also works with all common WordPress plug-ins and page creators. Filtmag is a breathtaking WordPress message and journal topic with many great feature sets. Additional functions include two top navigational buttons, pop-up immersion, multi-layout, header style, socially oriented and more.

It' s really simple to setup and most settings only work if you enable the look. For a WordPress news-style topic, we combine nice pictures and type with minimalistic designs. There is a large contents control with category menue on the homepage. The Weston is a high-performance and versatile WordPress multi-purpose topic designed for all types of web sites.

A few other topic functions includes wallpapers, sliders, Google fonts, price charts, contacts and more. The Domino is a roomy and well-designed multifunctional WordPress messaging themed. Some other noteworthy functions are a message timer, user-defined widgets for the presented category, displays, tabbed widgets and wheather. There is a page with user-defined design preferences and many Customizing choices.

The Wonder Wall is another great option for messages or magazines styled WordPress topic for content-rich sites. Comes with 9 ready-made homepage themes with item grids, feature contents, lists and more. Other functions include user-defined widgets for creating your own profile and discovering your own contents, special advertising banners, nice types and much more.

It' simple to set up your website because you can find all the features in our Customize your website using our web page. This is another contemporary and classy WordPress newspaper motif for newspaper and periodical sites. Uses the presented pictures from the entire artwork to make a more appealing display. The homepage shows a nice contents regulator that shows your top novelties.

It' simpler to setup and doesn't overload the user with useless features. News Pro is a very professionally looking WordPress topic for newspaper web sites. It is based on the robust Genesis frame coding and is heavily tuned for power and responsiveness. A window with user-defined topic settings, which also supports real-time customizers, is available for setting up the topic.

It is a sleek and easy to use WordPress topic that is ideal for newspaper, periodical and journal publishing. There are nice page layout pages laid out for legibility, user-defined headings, menus for soft symbols, tabs for commenting, authors biology and more. Métro is another WordPress topic for newspaper and newspaper web sites. His homepage offers a large, user-defined backdrop and prominent pictures.

The homepage is also subdivided into chapters for selected items, current affairs and more. Designed for the Genesis frameworks, it takes on all the power of its overarching topic. When you are looking for a free WordPress topic for a newsgroup website, take a look at Colormag. The WordPress story-like topic comes with some serious, premium-like functionality in a nice styling.

There are 15+ ready-to-use Widget areas, user-defined Widget, Features Post Wide Ferns, Box and Full-Width Layout, Glutinous Navigational Menus and more. Translatable, it can also be used with multi-lingual web sites. Prolog is another great choice for a WordPress newspaper topic in magazinestyle. The tabloid is a slightly different WordPress newspaper and journal topic.

There are also user-defined Widgets for your favorite functions, contents and ad placements. Customize all your themes using the customizable version with real-time previews of your website. Case is a sleek and easy WordPress topic in the minimalistic styling traditions. It is a specially developed WordPress topic for newspaper and journal web sites.

There are also breastaking news-tickets, user-defined sliders, a number of different broad ranges, user-defined broads and more. The Bnews is a WordPress topic that can be used on a newspaper, journal, trip or blog website. It was developed to present a lot of contents on the homepage, has its own contents area at the top and a three-column lay-out.

There is a message sticker, user-defined widgets, widget-enabled areas and a mega-menu on top. It is an outstanding free WordPress topic specifically developed for newsgroups sites. Translatable, it can also be used to build multi-lingual web sites. The Crafto is a wonderfully crafted WordPress topic for newspaper web sites.

Provides multi-style headers, limitless color, full WPML functionality, full coverage for multi-language sites and full inclusion of WPML. The Neuton is another great WordPress topic for newspaper. It' s built to delight the user by providing a comprehensive lay-out that makes it easy to find new contents and research trends.

There are 7 different categories layout (slide shows included), as well as include fridgets, rich web sites, multi colour and more. Are you looking for a minimalistic look for your WordPress newspaper topic? Take a look at Thememin. Clear and easy to use, this WordPress topic provides your audiences with a distraction-free viewing environment with clear type and nice pictures.

There is a homepage slide with which you can present contents or pictures. Further functions are fridgets, two navigational menu, two-column side bar and more. Hopefully this story has help you find the best WordPress topics for newspaper web sites. Also you can see our ultimative WordPress stepstep by steps WordPress scrub leader for WordPress newcomers.

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