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Benefit / Foundation WordPress Theme. Charity NGO is a charity topic, as well as a non-profit topic for all social organizations, funds and fundraising campaigns. The WordPress theme of philanthropy has been specifically developed for non-profit and nonprofit organizations. The themes in this collection are all a combination of extensive features and great looks.

Best 31 WordPress Topics for Non-Profit Charities 2018

Most charities and non-profit organisations use WordPress as an on-line resource for a proper and professionally managed on-line presentation. The WordPress Non-Profit, Charitable, Donations and Fundsraising topics allow these organisations, with a small purse, to create an excellent and professionally designed website with little outlay. Not only is it simple for the bag, but it is actually a good site for setting up a website for non-profit organisations as it is open and free as well.

Also there are many free topics available if you don't want to pay so much for website designing. However, if you want to create a fully functioning non-profit/charity website, there are some great WordPress topics that are specifically tailored to the needs of a non-profit/charity website. The WordPress charitable topics have built-in functions such as sponsoring areas and donate button.

More than 16 ALONE demonstrations are available for all your ideas and different kinds of non-profit organizations, NGOs, churches, special occasions and even policy initiatives. The design is a very imaginative, naturally adaptable design that has been developed for a wide range of different applications and offers great scope for graphic adjustments, layouts configurations, colour schemes changes and much more.

Now with Alone, it's simpler than ever to create a robust, serious on-line portal for your NGOs, charities, campaign and project, and adapt it to your marketing needs or your corporate identities, is a simple, airy affair that can take just a few moments rather than a line of programming. It' prepared for WooCommerce and even contains a simple AJAX pop-up to make your donation not only possible, but available from the very first tag.

This theme, which comes with a calendars of activities and a mega-menu, is suitable for a variety of causes including charities, politics, elections, fundraisers, meetings and more! The design includes over 40 Page Builder shortcuts that can be simply drag-and-drop into the Notepad, and you can preview the results in the preview.

The Charity is an imaginative and reactive WordPress non-profit multi-purpose website theme. It is a high-performance foundation for building efficient fund-raising sites. The Charity service offers you a set of instruments for efficient site planning. There is no need to type a line of arbitrary text to achieve brilliant results with Charity.

Enhanced theme preferences give you comprehensive and powerful ways to customize each item. Built-in functions rationalize things like giving and presenting projects. With WooCommerce activated, you can sell your product or service to your visitor with easy and charitable way. Try giving it a shot today! Perfect is a technological articulated, serious and serious, sure and dependable, sound and dependable, contemporary and innovative, portable, kind and aesthetic inconspicuous and unobtrusive and sophisticated, elegant and appealing, dynamical and practical WordPress and charitable non-profit website theme.

It is a unique and strong WordPress theme that is specifically and closely tailored to the needs of charities, non-profit organisations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) of any kind, sector, interest or use. It also instantly integrated into the WooCommerce plug-in and helps non-profit organisations promote their goods to collect money for every occasion.

LifeLine 2 is a beautifully engineered and smoothly looking, contemporary and light, quick to load and highly reactive WordPress non-profit multi-purpose website theme. The theme is a great place for non-profit organisations, non-governmental organisations and many similar related initiatives and endeavours to create their own on-line home for their charities. Lifeline 2 gives you unparalleled accessibility to an unbelievable selection of professionally-designed demonstration websites and page styles, each offering a uniquely individual touch and a wealth of customisation options.

LifeLine 2 also includes a host of great value premier plug-ins that are integrated directly into this useful theme and update themselves forever at no extra charge to you. The Charitas is a straightforward and sophisticated topic of Charity-WP. This gives a good image, which is best for charities, non-governmental organisations, trusts, etc.

This theme is made for performance and contains other useful functions like 10 user-defined Widgets, a Social Share button, a campaign progression bars and other astonishing functions. It' s reactive styling makes it interoperable with any portable devices without destroying the contents! Good Will is a neat, contemporary, and very adaptable WordPress theme developed for churches, basilicas, non-profit organizations, nonprofit associations, foundations, or religious communities.

This theme has many churches and non-profit organizations such as preaching, services, messages, picture gallery, sponsoring, projects, meetings and much more. The charity theme is completely fast reacting and has been optimised for cell phones, pallets, desktop and all other devices. It has PayPal support for contributions and you can also use the auto progressbar to keep an eye on your contributions.

It is the right option for anyone who wants to build a great website for churches, fellowships, associations, or any other non-profit group. The Fundrize is a major WordPress theme for non-profit and charitable organisations. Fundrize's benefits are many and varied, from fast response and retina-capable layouts to Revolution Slider and Visual Composer to website management and maintenance, a simple job.

Fundrize of course also has a donate plug-in built into the product's look, so you don't have to worry about choosing the best one. To create a website for your search for your non-profit organisation, you should use the philanthropic WordPress theme. Philanthropic distinctive and well-designed non-profit and crowdfunding premium WordPress theme produced by ThemeFuse.

It has all the functions and customisation you need to build a website for your non-profit or charitable organisation. Knowing this could help you educate your stakeholders and get help and financing for your cause. Philosanthropy's Fuse Framework is the basis of Philanthropy's Fuse Framework, which is very simple to use and has a variety of preferences and functions that determine the look and handling of the whole theme.

The design is completely reactive and seamlessly adapts its design to different types of equipment to give the visitor a great visual sensation. The theme also involves multiple page laysouts that make it easy to create pages for your website. They can be used to create About the Page, Recent Activities, Donation Page, and Contacts Page for your organisation.

This theme has a built-in calendar of happenings that keeps all your supporter s/followers up to date on all your forthcoming happenings and outings. You' ll find stunning shortcuts that let you do great things with very little work. Take a look and you will know that this is what your non-profit organisation needs to be present!

Benefit from our premium WordPress theme that can enrich your fund-raising website. Can be used for the pages of nonprofit organisations, charities, trusts, church and civic organisations. Or if you'd like to try it before making a decision to buy, see the topic's full featured demonstration.

When you are not very technical, the theme can be setup and configure for you. People will be thrilled by the pace of your website, considering that this is one of the quickest topics on the shelves. It' s a totally reactive look that will look great on spreadsheets, laptop computers and cell phone.

The Pearl Charity can also be customised to fit your specific needs, niches and tastes. Visual Composer also lets you manipulate, adjust, and mix a 100% reactive design.

There is even a donations system or modul with PayPal onboard. In addition Charity Hope was created with a Drag & Drop Visual Composer Page builder. That means you really get something with an appealing look and clear coding. It' also a cross-browser look that fits all your equipment.

Simply get this design with one click and immediately start importing it! Go get your fucking charity hope! The HelpingHands is a nice and frank, appealing and tempting, touching and strong, sturdy and reactive WordPress and non-profit website topic. The theme has been developed as a special webmaster site, with or without prior developer expertise, that easily creates stunning state-of-the-art charitable and NGO or non-profit sites for all kinds of purposes, drive, campaign and fundraise activities, grass roots activities and much more than you can imagine.

When you try to make a distinction, HelpingHands is the topic that will help you. HelpingHands ensures that you only provide your audiences with the most attractive and high-quality web pages with the comfortable integrated help of the industry-standard Dynamic Web Designer and the Ultimate Addons for VC plug-in.

Four homepage demonstration sites are pre-configured and include for your convenience and convenience so that you can launch your HelpingHands website the same date you setup it. Charity is a professionally crafted and seriously efficient, contemporary and imaginative, fast-reacting WordPress multi-purpose charitable and non-profit organizational theme.

The theme was developed by an expert developer community of talents who work together to create an unbelievable answer to all kinds of non-profit causes and organisations and their efforts. No matter if you organize a benefit dance, a fundraiser, a gala party, a fundraiser or an organization, your topic is your own idea of what to do with it.

Charitable organisations will also find a solid allies in all their efforts in Charity, whereby Charity's functions are designed exclusively to resolve any issue that a charitable organisation or a non-profit association may come across, from ingenious, state-of-the-art newsletter subscriptions with many functions to integrate your community of donors to a fully functioning out-of-the-box system to create and promote your fundraising campaign,

Individual charities and actions, a high-performance fundraiser integrated directly into your community to facilitate the donors' usability experiences while helping your cause, non-profit events scheduling capabilities, volunteer automation, pre-configured mission and vision pages, and so much more that you'd never want to end it all. Charity is an imaginative and thorough bundle, packed with a potent suite of utilities to do your community service work today!

The Act is a beautifully crafted and very cordial and inviting, esthetically subtile and unobtrusive, neat and primitive, fantastic contemporary and esthetically challenging and quiet speaking, graphic polish and professional crafted, quick and agile, easy and quick to load, safe and dependable reactive WordPress multi-purpose website theme. The theme is an intriguingly crafted and targeted WordPress theme, a thoughtfully and socio-conscious theme developed for the needs of Web masters who want to build useful, one-of-a-kind and fancy Web sites that sponsor or are at home with non-profit organisations, charities, and charities, and generally all those things that involve getting together to do good.

The Act has been conceived to be completely intuitively accessible, so that user of any competency can effectively use the Act to build advanced and professionally non-profit web sites for all kinds of uses and occupations, with an incredibly profound array of functions and functionality that requires no programming at all at any point.

Create your own stunning web sites with the visually stunning site creator Advance Theme Options Panel, set up plug-ins like the Event Diary, get direct contributions through attractive donation areas as well as the high-performance built-in crowdfunding system and more, right at your hand! The Heartfelt is a contemporary WordPress theme made by Rescue Themes.

It is a great way for any non-profit organization, charitable organization, NGO, local community, local community, local community, local community, local community, local community, local community, local community, local community, church, or any other group to get their message across. Designers created this theme with expert access and power on a expert basis using the Foundation Frameworks from Zurb's intelligent team. Humans could access your website with all kinds of equipment because it is completely reactive and runs seamlessly on any advanced portable device.

In addition, this theme is brand-free, so you can quickly build a truly original website. Contains limitless colour and fonts for your website. You have all the user-defined pages of this theme completely widgitized to help you make your pages easy to setup. Immediately change the look and feel using the theme customizer's theme option, which provides a lived view of the changes made.

You have also added the premier plug-inlider Revolution to help you create infinite faders for your website. Featuring drag'n'drop capabilities and endless motion control options, this slide show builder will make your slide show great. This is a refreshing, neat and stylish website submission designed for non-profit and charitable organisations.

His WordPress 4+ prepared, build on the basis of Twitter Bootstrap 3.1. The theme is highly reactive and works perfectly on any machine. Looks clear even on highresolution displays as every area of this theme is retinalized. FontAwesome contains icons and tonnes of colour and type choices that you can use for style and legibility improvement on your website.

The design comes with a premier Revolution Slider plug-in that helps you build intelligent slider with stunning visuals that will attract the eye of your audience. There is also a very efficient administration pane, with which you can simply modify fundamental items of your website such as colour schemes, wallpaper, headers and all that.

The theme is also prepared using a widget and is uploaded with strong shortcuts that are really useful when customizing the design. After all, the makers have created this theme with the best possible selling techniques in the back of their minds to make sure your site gets more visitors and works well in popular webmasters. The Lambda is a straightforward and compelling website submission suitable for any type of charitable or non-profit website.

Thanks to the One Click Installer, this design can be installed very quickly. The Lambda is WordPress 4+ compliant and uses the latest Bootstrap-Frameworks. In addition, this design has a fully reactive lay-out that works seamlessly on all kinds of equipment. Offering boundless colour choices that are fully embedded into the appealing typeface, Google Font and TypeKit capabilities, and built-in Font Awesome icons.

Lama theme supporting WP Bakery Visual Composer, a pull and dropping frontend and pagebuilder plugin for WordPress that makes creating page layouts really funny and simple. The theme also covers the Revolutionlider, which lets you make a fully reactive slide with amazing transition and effect features. The topic has a blogs options with great mail size handling.

There is a user-defined mail types for your company contents such as employees, service and experience reports. The Awaken is a neat and stylish design that provides a practical website for charities, church and nonprofit organisations. With just a few mouse clicks you can turn this strong theme into a website that looks good.

Each homepage has been individually created by the makers in its entire look and feeling. Also included in Awaken is the Revolution Slider plug-in, which lets you quickly build slider with amazing animation. The design contains a drag-and-drop page generator that lets you quickly and easily generate limitless layouts. The Awaken also contains functions that meet the needs of most non-profit organizations.

With this topic you can tell your stakeholders about your representation. The Awaken WordPress theme allows you to administer your causes without having to touch the source text. There is also an Event Management function that you can use to administer your event, and detail on how your fans or supporter can help you make it a hit.

When you sell your product on-line or ask for a contribution, you can use the PayPal system topics to help you securely get on-line payment and contributions. The topic is also perfectly transmitted on all common web browser. The Heal is a peculiar and contemporary WordPress theme that will help you to make your event, concerns and campaigns known to the world.

Developers created this theme with a very smooth and robust bootstrap frameworks. It responds fully and adjusts the size of each unit. With this theme you can create a nice website for your company. With this design, you can manipulate any coloured area of the design using the colour selection.

There is also a range of fonts available to help you clearly explain your cause. In addition, this theme offers an stunning scroll effect of palladium that your patrons will definitely like. You can also create an infinite pallax slide control that displays pictures of your campaigns. Using the Parametric Sliders helps you get more help from your fellowship or even worldwide.

The theme also has an easy-to-use administration pane that lets you change your website look and feel. Using the Veranstaltungsbereich you can advertise any kind of donations or fund-raising for your organisation or charitable organisation. Topic Hal WordPress contains a proffesional and low price list for a better and more clear representation.

The topic is also delivered with a built-in PayPal donor system with which you can receive payment or contributions on-line. The Kedavra is a one-of-a-kind, thorough, all-inclusive WordPress multi-purpose theme that is best for use on Web sites dedicated to presenting rich, engaging experiences to a wide range of audiences and prospects.

Kedavra's own SiteOrigin Theme Page Builder allows you to quickly turn Kedavra's beautiful, meticulously crafted demonstrations into the personalised, brand-oriented website you can create. The Kedavra is the subject that doesn't make you do anything, it makes you do anything! The Gaea is a neat and contemporary WordPress theme specifically developed for non-profit, ecological and charitable Web sites.

Symbols and pictures in this theme look clear and crisp on retina-ready and hi-DPI screens. The theme also provides the user with a number of layouts for blogs, galeries and event. Contains the Isotope Warehouse, which allows you to make beautiful looking annotated art galeries with a contemporary look and soft animation. There is also an attractive sort order to sort your pictures so that they appear in a certain order.

You' ve packaged this theme with Slider Revolution to help you make eye-catching transparencies with pictures that convince audiences to help your cause. There is also a touch and stroke aid for your slide controllers. You can also use this theme to organize your forthcoming activities on your website. Featuring an activity enrollment sheet, a full width activity schedule, a large meal and a count down timer. Every activity is included in the package.

WooCommerce plug-in included in this topic can help you to establish your own shop-line. You can also pay and donate via Paypal with this topic. Topic contains a working template, Google Map and is fully compliant with all major web browser. Finally, they sketched this theme with clear coding and constructed it with the best selling sites to help your site get more visitors and occupy a good position in the market.

The Eco Nature WordPress theme is designed to help you create a website for non-profit organisations created to help preserve and preserve the world. Featuring a fully reactive lay-out that''s completely reactive, your website will look great on a variety of different equipment. Designers have fully optimised this theme so that the pictures you see will look great on your hi-dpi-display.

With this design, you can create a customized wallpaper for each page and contribute to add a unique look to your design. Topic will include a draft and fall context writer and author that will help you change various items of your website with ease. Comes with two of the world's best sliders plug-ins, the Layerlider & Revolution sliders, that let you create high-performance slide effects for your website.

The Eco Nature has an easy-to-use administration screen where you can easily change fundamental items of your website such as colour schemes, wallpaper and headers to help you create a great website. The other great functions included in this theme are the PayPal and WooCommerce embedded functionality that are very useful in receiving funding and amassing money.

It is a good option for creating a non-profit website because it has been designed with HTML5 and CSS3 encoding that is neat and current. You have also added this topic to work with all popular webmasters. Eco Nature lets you create a non-profit website without having to touch a line of codes.

Then Advocator is the right WordPress theme if you want to get to a broader public. It' easy, humble and quick to react so that your public can concentrate on your cause. Authors build Advocator with expert access and power in the back of their minds. Because it' neat and reactive, it lets you easily communicate with your audiences on your portable device.

It is a good option for non-profit or charitable organizations that want to support their Internet lobbying and raise money at the same theater. It also offers many stunning functions such as advanced column/row manageability, adjustable interface for each parallax/color section, WooCommerce-friendly and much more.

In addition, these capabilities help nonprofit organisations create a professionally managed website that is the root cause of their organisations. The theme also looks perfect on all common telephones and trays and works well. Are you looking for a fast, agile and intelligently crafted WordPress theme for your charitable or non-profit organisation - Lifeline is what you're looking for.

A highlight of this theme is the most sophisticated page building tool that allows designers to create any type of layout they like. It has been considered by many designers to be the best choice for charities and non-profit organisations as it provides the perfect structure and built-in features for a non-profit website.

There are also innumerable extended functionalities on this topic that make managing your contents straightforward. Â The developpers have also optimised this topic to make sure you get organically searched sites. 4 Childrens With Love's clear and appealing styling makes it an excellent option for your non-profit website.

The 4 children with love has a WordPress Theme Customizer with a convenient radio button. It is a powerful and easy to use utility that also allows website users to customize the theme setting according to their own preference. Although the designers have created "4 Kids with Love" for kids, you can also use this theme for other charitable or nonprofit organizations.

The topic is about implementing the WordPress function "Postformats". In addition, the appealing look and feel of your website allows you to make efficient use of various browsers, smartphones and other portable equipment. WordPress theme is a theme for devotional dissemination and fund-raising sites. This is a well encoded theme with many innovative functions. It reacts 100% fast and can be infinitely adjusted to any appliance.

Featuring 8 ready-made layouts to create an stunning ecclesiastical or any non-profit website. Except for the 5 predefined colour scheme contained in the theme. It also incorporated a complete set of Font Awesome icon fonts for additional features while adding to the overall appeal. Completely intergrated with our software suite for Visual composer. Contains also 2 of the most favorite film manufacturers:

Revolution slider and level slider. With the Revolution Slider you can present your product in an impressive way in well-designed foils. The Layer Slider, on the other side, is so convenient if you want to quickly build multi-layered layers with great transitions. In addition, it contains boundless page bars, a working call center interface, WooCommerce compatibility, compliant with the default version of the software plug-in and easy to translate.

EnterAHand is a WordPress theme for eager organisations with a precious thing. It is based on the Twitter bootstrap frame, an option YouTube backdrop, and many broadgets and shortcuts. The Be Human charitable theme for WordPress has been developed to meet the diverse needs of charities and nonprofit organisations.

Not only do businesses need an on-line experience to educate and educate individuals, they also need to collect funds to make their missions a success. We can offer non-profit organisations a professionally designed on-line site. It is a retina-ready, highly reactive WordPress theme with features such as IgnitionDeck to help fund crowds.

It also includes event calendars & management, multilingual features, 3D layer sliders and Facebook fansite interoperability.

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