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Friendly free Wordpress themes

Themx is a creative, fully responsive, free WordPress theme with a drag-and-drop interface suitable for almost any type of website. It is based on Visual Composer to make the business of compiling a website beautiful and straightforward. It' s fully responsive and looks good on devices and screen sizes.

Fifty nice & free WordPress themes for 2018

The WordPress themes can range from small applications to general-purpose applications. Keep this in mind just because you pay for a topic that doesn't offer a guaranteed level of service. Whilst there is no lack of prime themes for sale, the qualitiy of free WordPress themes can sometimes surpass the expectation you would have for something that can be freely download and used.

We' ve put together some of the best free WordPress themes for you to build your website in 2017. All themes have been created to the highest standard by some of the top players in the WordPress industry, are all highly reactive, fit any display format, and are all created with the latest fashion designs in view.

Several of the following topics are featured in the Page Builder, which lets you build sophisticated, feature-rich page designs without programming. There are also topics addressed to experts who are looking for a fundamental point of departure for the design of their website. In order to make your work as easy as possible, we have categorised the topics for you. Topics include authors & storytellers, photographers, creativity portfolio, business & corporate sites, eCommerce & shopping, bloggers, magazine layout, masonry layout and landing pages.

Libre was designed to highlight your words and is a subject that specialises in long forms typing. The Qwerty is a WordPress topic that doesn't come with many tricks or addictions. Notepad offers an appealing typeface and a unique feature rich tabsidebar. The Radcliffe is a straightforward but nice subject with large, full-surface pictures and independent headings.

Ho will bring a brick-style lay-out to present your photographs. Delivered with a filtering library, it allows your user to quickly see the different types of your work. Full screen is a single-column design with a one-of-a-kind side-scrolling home page and clicking galleries. How to create the Pinterest layouts? The Gridsby provides a similar raster design that opens your photographs in an open windows.

Track is a "fat and beautiful" topic that really gives each contribution its own unique moments in the dark. Big pictures and fat types provide an appealing but clear appearance. So you know that this neat design both looks good and uses WordPress best practice.

Espied is also from Automated, a fast reacting, grid-like design that offers great visual impressions of your work. The Daily comes with a full-screen introduction and a very neat, well-defined user surface. Abbatr has a font in fat and a halftone product line outline. The StanleyWP is a WordPress topic using Twitter Bootstrap and a drag-and-drop homepage creator.

This is a very easy and neat design. The Proper radiates quality with its easy lay-out and the use of HTML animation and transition. The Gridby is a beautiful bootstrap themed that places your wallet in a breathtaking mesh ad. There is also an just as thrilling story-telling lay-out, which is complemented with fat type. The Beetle Go is designed for those who want a neat, appealing way to present their portfolios.

You will find a lot of scrolls for parallaxes, many built-in symbols and several interesting layout. Scetch is a very neat and simple topic where your pictures take over the conversation. With many great layout and built-in functions like price charts, tabs, buttons and symbols, Pure brings your product range to life. What's more, it's a great way to get the most out of your product family.

Prime is a neat and roomy WordPress topic that is perfectly suited for small companies. Offering brave images, built-in functionality such as a slide bar, motion diagrams, filters, portfolio and a breathtaking lay-out, Sydney is the place to showcase your work. Bledr offers a page builders and enough goods to build almost any kind of website.

Eagerness is a classy multi-purpose topic that lets you quickly create any kind of website. The Ocin is a beautiful WooCommerce topic for anyone who wants to give their shop a neat and minimalist look. Working with the shopify eCommerce platforms, HP enables you to mix it with the capabilities of WordPress.

WooCommerce is a free WordPress publishing topic with the added benefit of being WooCommerce compliant. The Bravado themed WordPress topic is a minimalist design for your blog. It contains a nice dash of colour and an extensible headers that opens for navigating and other available Widget. The 1980s is a single-column blogs topic.

There' s a side bar, but it's only available by tapping an item that opens it in a nice overlays area. Intergalactically uses large photographs along with fat type to produce a smooth look and be easy to read at the same time. The Nulis was developed as a single-column blogs topic that makes good use of space and provides pictures for your post.

Casper, powered by the Ghost Blogsite, is a superminimal WordPress topic that makes sure your contents are at the forefront. Gateways offers an sleek look with a number of useful shortcuts by using a seperate plug-in. Its design is fully compliant with many JetPack functions such as endless scrolling and flipped photogalleries.

Cito offers a very easy lay-out along with some animated style sheets to give a hint of sophistication. We use WordPress Postformats to provide an appealing way to highlight different kinds of contents. And you can even include a wallpaper in every posting. The Hoffman is a great motif for presenting your pictures.

There' a nice slide control function for single contributions. The Good Magazines is a neat and appealing WordPress topic that is perfectly suited for any content-rich publishing. The Bloggr is a magazine-style topic that makes good use of the column to help you present more than one article. The Fukasawa is a bricklayer topic that is great for viewing pictures or perhaps even messages and ressources like Pinterest.

Creates is a rumblog topic that uses a lattice system. There is also an option for a 2-column blogs to add an additional effect. We use brickwork to present your contents in an elegantly way. Pieces is ideal for presenting your works of art and can help you build a beautiful compilation of contents.

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