Nice Themes for Android Phone

Beautiful designs for Android Phone

To have a dark theme in your photo gallery is definitely beautiful. The installation of these themes on your device is a simple and straightforward process. The dark pocket motif on Android.

Design your Android phone on Thanksgiving.

Only a few weeks to go until we in America are celebrating how we see our homes, clog up our travels and our internals and eat far too much, we thought it appropriate to show you a fast and simple way to give your phone a contemporary but still handed down look.

We' ll guide you every step of the way through the creation of a new Thanksgiving topic for your phone. What is great - if you find an unpleasant delay period at the supper we have all experienced - you can now also give your loved ones and your boyfriends a funny vacation topic.

For those of you Scrooges in the crowd who may be wondering how this is related to serious IT, keep in mind that when your Chief Financial Officer comes to you and asks you how you can "make his phone look like the holidays", you now have a straightforward series of moves that will take no more than five or ten moments.

All you need to know is how to get your hands on how to get your applications from the Google Player stores. So the first application you need is Themer, a substitute launch application available in Google Music. It' s noteworthy that you can choose to run your launch once or ever. It' gonna be more enjoyable if you tell Android to run it every single one.

When you ever want to go back, there is a shortcut in Themer's preferences, or you can always return to the standard applications and reset your standard starter to the one you used before. Thémer is a funny smasher, as it comes with many and many ready-made themes.

Contrary to many other theme-based launcher, themes doesn't need you to work with your own Widget to emphasize the look. Just click on a topic and the viewer does all the work. We' ll find a topic, set it up, find a new Thanksgiving thematic background image, and we're done. And the first thing we're going to be installing is named the "' Budding''.

Press the magnifier at the top of the display and enter "Budding". You will be asked if you want to perform the installation. At any time, you can return to your old launch with all its options, but what you want to do is get it up and running as quickly as possible with a new look.

Touch "Apply" and you will use a new design. Just like that, you're letting a new topic go. The Flickr application is not yet available, go to Google Player and download it. Flickr doesn't have to be used for your pictures, but this is a fast and simple way to find a huge number of great pictures that you can enjoy playing on your mobile phone.

As soon as you are logged in, click on the seek box and enter "Thanksgiving". Clicked on the Split icon at the bottom of the window (third from the right)..... Touch the Safe icon. I' ve stored my pictures in my Galerie application, but you can store them in any image application you have as long as you know where you put them.

Let's go back to Themer (if you make Themer the standard launch program, you can simply click the Home button). Press the setup key on your phone and the above shown menue will appear. Touch the Wallpaper icon. Then I found out that the selection of "Single Wallpaper" works best. Select this item and then click the "Change wallpaper" icon.

You should move the box to display exactly what you want to see on your home page. Click the Save if you are happy. You will return to this page and display your trimmed picture as the background now. A few easy klicks and you have a home monitor with a Thanksgiving theme.

Let us do it again, with a different subject and a different desktop image. Here is another topic from Themer. Since it comes out of the box, it doesn't look like a Thanksgiving topic at all. There is a bluish burst design in the back of the paper. Let us now take a painting that brings together the whole display.....

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