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Not chrome

With Chrome, you get your answers faster than ever. Of course, Europe. Here is our Android suites without search, Chrome applications. Buy the Google paying duty now - The register

This means that you can sell Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Play, etc. but not Google Look and Chrome. Instead, vendors can only integrate their own web browser and webmasters. This step is intended to give producers of gadgets the liberty to detach their equipment from Google's enormously powerful web browser and related service - albeit at a cost.

Producers of androids have to spend money to use Google's portable applications suites on European selling handsets. Normally Google will insist on combining its Search, Chrome, Plays and other applications with Google Search and Google Chrome, even though it doesn't bill them because they earn more than enough money themselves.

In other words, telephone and pill companies must buy Google's app suites for Europe's phones, and they can use Search and Chrome for free if they wish. This Google levy will either burden manufacturers' earnings or increase product prices. Alternatively, you can choose not to use any of Google's applications and not get instant play on the Play Store.

In the meantime, Google is still trying to remedy the situation. As the preinstallation of Google Search and Chrome together with our other applications has contributed to financing the creation and free deployment of Android, we will launch a new fee-based license contract for smart phones and tables delivered to the EEA.

So Android will be free and open sourced. Third, we will provide additional licences for the Google Search application and Chrome. Thus Android hand-helds with Search and Chrome still can float to Europe if needed, but in the end someone has to buy the other applications. In addition, vendors may distribute equipment with their own OS fork and user-defined applications, while continuing to sell formal releases with Google's suites of applications.

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