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The White Screen of Death (The White Screen of Death)

The plugin causes incompatibility problems. When you can reach the administration screens, try disabling all your plug-ins and then re-enabling them individually. Browse to the wp-content/plugins directory and change the name of the plug-in directory from plugins_old to wp-content/plugins. For more information on how to disable your plug-ins by hand, see the troubleshooting FAQ. Well, your topic could be the cause of the trouble.

When you cannot open your administration screens, FTP to your website and browse to the /wp-content/themes/ directory. Re-name the current topic name. And if you're still having trouble looking up your bug log, you can review the PHP bugs below for more information. A number of causes for an internal server failure may exist.

Most likely the problem is a damaged HTML access document. Login to your website root via FTP and change the name of your . chtaccess to . htaccess_old. Thereby a new HTML access will be created for you. Attempt to disable all your plug-ins to see if it is a plugin problem.

When you receive a page with the warning "Error Setting Database Connection", it means that there is a trouble connecting to your databases and there may be a number of possible causes. "Errors connecting to a database" is usually due to an issue in your wp-config. php file.

When you are sure that your setup is accurate, you can try to reset your MySQL passphrase by hand. Following problems with hosted files can cause the problem: Your data base has reached its quote and has been silenced. Please consult your host to see if any of these problems are affecting you.

When you have verified wp-config. php check for bugs and verified your hoster for web site problems, it is possible that your web site has been compromised. An empty whitepaper and no information. This is a problem with your system in programming languages. Timeout failure of link is displayed when your website is trying to do more than your servers can handle.

It' especially frequent with hosted sharing, where your storage limits are limited. And if you can't get to your administration screens, see how to disable your plug-ins manual. When you are on a Shared Hosted service, you may need to ask your hosted service providers to raise your storage limits for you.

Raise the maximal run timeout in your phone book files. "Incorrect removal of the service filename may have occurred. Erase the service filename. located in your website root. When you see 404 bugs with nice permission links and a blank display when uploading pictures, mod_rewrite may not be activated by Apache by default.

When this does not work, you may need to manipulate the . ttaccess by hand. And if you're not comfortable working with your . ttaccess files, ask your host to enable the mod_rewrite rule. There may be issues with 404 bugs and user-defined mailotypes. A number of different bugs appear in your bug reports.

In order to be able to access your debug transcripts, you must enable the debugging and then search your debug transcripts via FTP. Some of the most frequently encountered errors can be deciphered using the following information. Here are some frequent PHP errors. See how to fix the header already sent.

This manual will help you to correct the problem. A bug when trying to automatically update or reinstall a plugin. Please try to update or reinstall the plugin by hand. A bug when trying to automatically update or reinstall a themes. Please try to update or reinstall the design later. You may need to do this remotely via FTP if you cannot do this from the administration screens.

A number of ways are available to correct this problem. When you are not sure how to make these changes, or if you are on hosted sharing that is preventing you from making them yourself, you should get in touch with your hosted service providers and ask them to extend your uptime. Having a wrong PHP means that you made a wrong choice when you created your PHP tree.

It will tell you in which files the bug occurs (e.g. funtions. php) and approximately in which line (it may not always be the correct line, so be sure to verify shortly before and shortly after) in the source is. When you receive an ''parse error: unexpected'' message, it usually means that you have forgot to insert a sign.

Just like using para mistakes, using an indefinite constants means you're lacking a sign. A number of factors explain why this bug can occur: Adjust the file authorizations. Typically, this happens when the enduser assigned to the databank does not have sufficient privileges to execute the operation to build rows and rows in the databank.

For more information on bug 28, see the Troubleshooting FAQ. Unrecognized columns errors can be due to a lack of a table row in the data base. When you run a DB prompt when you run into the bug, you can use the wrong quotes for the qualifier-quotes.

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