Nostalgia Theme

A nostalgic theme

Nostalgia parties are the perfect theme for a class reunion, anniversary party or just a planned meeting with friends. QuanticaLabs' Nostalgia - Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme There is nostalgia as a minimum WordPress theme within the WordPress product range - either personally or business, using full-screen slideshows and slide pages. This theme is kept in a minimalistic, richly varied manner. Backgrounds in backgrounds contrasted with contemporary, minimalistic contents. Possibility to create an infinite number of pages in the shape of a scroll button.

Topic includes typically explanatory pages such as about and service, portofolio page with category base accumulator, built-in light box and ability to view video from video from YouTube and/or Video from video, major blogs page and individual mail page with category base, commentary and light box installation, contacts page with site card and working inbox.

You can adjust the full-screen wallpaper of the theme to suit any monitor size. To receive the data, please get in touch with us. Our speciality is word-press, designing and developing. QuanticaLabs' assistance on this issue is timely, courteous and efficient. Being a great Worpress theme for more than just viewing pictures and video. Really loving the subject!

Just astonishing, and one of the simplest topics to setup, thank you very much. Beautiful subject and the writer is very useful!, fonts, com/webfonts/specimen/Aldrich, Arial - standard system fonts. See all pictures at the Creative Commons Attribute 2. WorldPress 4. Corrected the e-mail templates options in the Contacts dialog.

Fixed for portofolio Accordion. Fixed for Asset-Lightbox-Loop. Possibility of assigning wallpapers to certain pages. Little enhancement of the feedback page. Supports YouTube and Vimeo video in the iPhone and iPad family. Correction of the scrolling problem on portable equipment. Much of the presented pictures in the light box for portfolioelements have been added.

Added many of the presented pictures in the light box for blogs posting function. Enhancements of the interoperability of the contact form 7. It is possible to deactivate the drop-down list on portable terminals. Fixed problem with widget area view. Fixed problem with displaying menus on portable gadgets. Added latest posts & latest port folio widgets. How to add a new widget. Troubleshooting - Cannot deactivate your favorite tuner on your portable device.

Adjusts the number of elements shown in the main window. Fixed scroll problem in blogs & portfolios (overlapping images) on mobiles. Fixed IE7 & IE8 problem with my portfolios. Fixed portfoliobug when viewing in blogs. Added ability to sort the order of the blogs. Added element types to the inventory. Added options to describe portfolioelements (can now also be shown in the lightbox).

Added user-defined topic/single page colour function. Troubleshooting the Contactsheet.

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