Notebook Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Notebook Theme

Constructed to look like a spiral notebook. Laptop is a Tumblog/Masonry style WordPress theme of Elegant themes that is perfect for all types of bloggers. WordPress notebook theme Laptop is a funny multi-media theme that uses the advantages of WordPress Postformats and enhanced CSS3-Animation. Laptop makes it simple to easily split a wide range of contents, to include voice, videos, photos and blogs. Topics are constantly refreshed to be compatible with the latest WordPress release.

Being a member you have free acces to all topic up-dates.

If you know that your website will always run perfectly, you can sit back and relax. We use proven encoding techniques to make sure our topics are quick and safe. All our topics are conform to L3C and are subject to regular safety auditing. Some of our topics are not always free, but our premiums offer a standard of excellence.

All our topics are designed to be interoperable with the most common web browser. Our topics have all been localised for ease of use. Each topic includes sentences of .mo and .po data that can be used to compile the topic, which means you don't have to waste your PHP work time.

The topic contains some easy-to-use options for customizing ePanel type. The theme incorporates a multi-media interface that makes it simple to simply include photographs, video and sound in your regular blogs. Plays back sound with a user-defined HTML5 sound play-back and embeds video from YourTube. The notebook comes with our colour keypad, which allows an infinite mix of user-defined colours, lettering and background.

WordPress notebook theme through elegant themes

The Notebook is a Elegant Themes premier WordPress theme that offers a very special tomblog theme in a brick laid lay-out that is perfectly suited to present different kinds of blogs. When you' re looking for a way to jazz up your old and dull blogs, Notebook is the theme for you.

Notepad comes with some really great transitional effect and style that will make your notebook really eye-catching and look great. It' a very funny and appealing topic that will fully entertain you and your reader while you administer it and search your website. And, of course, like all of this author's other topics, the notebook also has some really great functions.

Infinite colour scheme via built-in colour choices in the theme panels, ton of user-defined scripts to select for your blogs, stunning CS3 effect, automatic resize of thumbnails, advertising readiness, ton of useful shortcuts, different page styles, full localisation and of course theme assistance and up-dates. Register today for your subscription and get instant glimpse of the fantastic notebook theme and tonnes of other great-looking content at a very low and accessible cost.

It' perfectly suited for web designers and blogs as well.

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