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Start apps or call, write text and email from your notification bar. Android Launcher Top 6 with Notification Counting Badges Have you ever used an iPhone, you're probably used to the number of alerts displayed above the iPhone application icon. Android Oreo eventually launched notification cards on Android, but it is restricted in two ways. Second, the tag is a small point and does not really show the number of messages not read.

If someone wants to adjust the badge look or resize or change colour, what should I do? Unfortunately, you don't get this in Android by default and have to depend on Launcher. These are the Top 6 Android Launcher with notification cards that work on almost all machines. The Evie Launcher is only 7 Megabytes in length and offers a lot of fun things.

They can also fade out applications and modify them. And of course the application comes with a notification card. When numbers are your soul mate, we are pleased to inform you that Evie Launcher does not only support notification points but also numbers that have not been read. It is also possible to resize the card.

This launcher also lets you deactivate tagging for specific applications. For example, you don't want to have a Badge for WhatsApp, you can turn it off in the preferences. The notification cards in this launcher are disabled by defaul. You' ll have to activate it by hand. Stage 1: Open Launcher Preferences and touch Unread Badges.

Stage 2: You will be prompted to give the notification permission to view the application. Touch Turn Accessibility On. On the next monitor, click Evie Launcher. It is a unique move. Stage 3: Go back and touch the flip switch in the right hand side edge to start activating tag. Now you can adjust the style and resize the tag and turn the counting on or off for each application.

Formerly known as Arrow Launcher, Microsoft Launcher has experienced several changes since its initial inception. Featuring interesting feature like topics, application icon, gesture, this launcher is pretty quick and speedy. This launcher offers two kinds of tagging when it comes to notification cards: Microsoft Launcher, however, does not call it points.

To activate points, you must select the radio button labeled Mut tag number in Customizing tag styles. Like Evie Launcher, the tag ging is free and disabled by default. However, you can also download the tag from the Evie Launcher website. Perform these operations to activate and adjust them: Stage 1: Open Microsoft Launcher Preferences and touch Personalize. Click Notification Patch.

Stage 2: Touch Notification ID card applications. Activate the All applications checkbox. The system prompts you to give authorization to gain use of the notification. They will be redirected to the Notification Accessibility Screen. Activate the Microsoft Launcher here. Stage 3: Go back and you will see that notification cards are activated for all applications.

One Launcher also includes support for application icon support with functions such as intelligent Widget, design and effect. You will only receive numeric symbols and no tag. Also, you cannot adjust the symbols. From now on you have to cope with the standard notifications. You will also need to choose the applications for which you want to display iOS-like notification symbols.

For my part, I think the developer could have done a better job deploying these application icon. Perform these procedures to activate notification badges: After you have the One Launcher as your standard startup program, scroll up the startup window. Stage 2: Press AppAndGmailSetting. They will be redirected to the telephone setting.

Access Accessibility and activate One badge application icon services. Go back and touch Activate the badge application support. On the same monitor, touch SettingBadgeApp and choose the applications. This is all you need to do to activate notification symbols. Topics, gesture and folder, ADW Launcher 2 has it all.

Featuring a variety of customisation options in terms of application icon, application tray and folder, ADW Launcher 2 is another great launcher that adds support for notification cards. After downloading, you must allow the applications to display notification cards. The free badge edition only allows you to adjust the badge position. Perform these procedures to configure notification cards on ADW Launcher 2:

Stage 1: Move up the ADW Launcher 2 home page. Touch ADW Settings below. Stage 2: Touch Tag under Symbol View. After the installation open the application ADWNotifier 2. Tapping the hovering add button will bring up applications for which you want to view tagged applications.

The notification badge is one of the most cool of the Nova Launcher functions, along with other functions that make us want to use it. Featuring noteworthy adaptability available in the application, it is still the most beloved launcher. Would not have been so beloved if it had not supported notification symbols. Threw the Pixel Launcher away for Nova.

There are three different kinds of tagging to select from: Dynamic, punctual and numerical tagging. Nevertheless, the counter function that has not been read is restricted to the main model. Whereas other functions are available in the free variation, the plain tag is only available in the premier one. The TeslaUnread application must be installed to be able to attach a badge.

In order to setup notification cards on the Nova Launcher, perform these steps: Stage 1: Install Nova Launcher and TeslaUnread application. Stage 2: Then open the Nova Launcher preferences and touch Notification Cards. Now you can design the badges according to your wishes. Actions Launcher is one of the few launcher that supports the Google Now Feed.

The launcher also features support for gesture, folder and cover. They can also adapt application icon and links. If you are dealing with notification cards, you can select and number points. However, you cannot resize or colour these Badges. Here, too, notification cards are only available in the Action Launcher Professional Edition.

After the Action Launcher installation, keep an empty field on the start page. Touch Preferences. Stage 2: In the Action Launcher preferences, touch Symbol Display & Application Shortcuts. Activate Unreserved Badges. If you do not check the notification window, you can use tagged apps to inform you whether an application has new notification messages or not.

Hopefully the above applications will help you to get rid of your thirst for bathing.

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