Nova Launcher Iphone

Iphone Nova Launcher Iphone

User-defined grid Hold all your favourite applications on the cradle, with up to 7 symbols per page and up to 3 pages. Scroll on your desk or tray and watch your eyes go wild. Don't ever be far away from your favourite site, just keep walking through your desktops. Launch Nova Actions or Applications quickly from gesture on the screen, such as pinch, pull or pull with two fingers.

Hide never-used applications to keep a clear tray clear.

Nova in the App Store

Hear Nova or our latest news anywhere, at any time. Store your favorite tunes and buy them later, or get informed about your favorite upcoming music. Keep up to date with riding regulations and always follow the local law. NOTE: Hearing NOVA with this application can take up to 30MB per lesson.

If you have a problem, use the Nova Support links and if you really enjoy the application, please continue to evaluate it! Besides, what about the iPhone 5 upgrade? Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod.

How did I do that? {\a6} (iOS/iPhone X-Port): New Launcher

"Eleven UI" by Marvin van Kessel for iscons. Some of these symbols are not accurate, so I had to use warehouse symbols from the web. When you have enough spare moment, I would suggest that you purchase the symbols by hand instead of buying the package. "InnovationTech Studio's Note Phone X" for the score and round corner of the display (if you don't want the score but the corner, use Mohammad Adib's "Roundr - Round screen Corners").

"Conena Gesture Controls - Next level navigation" for the culprit. "Moon Studio's Moon 11 Notifications" for an íOS Security Centre. The Nova settings: New 6x4 desktop icons layout: Use 115% symbol sizes (same for Dock), 50% regular fonts, shadows and individual lines (disable label on Dock).

Big (the same applies to the dock). Wallpaper: round to a gray colour with a 60% transparent sheen. Adjust the Look and Feel to Eleven UI.

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