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Has your novel a theme? It'?s a good subject? ls it the right subject? So what is an issue anyway?

Shared themes in literature are inherent in the plot and narrative structure.

Defining the theme & how to integrate it into your storyline.

Explore one of the keys to success in typing - the subject. The following extract from History Engineering by Larry Brooks illustrates the differences between topic and concepts. You will also find out why the topic is critical to the development and creation of a winning history. As a rule, a well narrated narrative that is released or translated into a movie does not trigger such a reaction.

If you are an astute observer or a smart read, you know what it's all about by intuition, usually on two levels: it's about the plot...and in a different experience it' was about what the narrative means. This latter is referred to as the topic. This is one of the six core competencies of succesful typing in general and history telling in particular.

You probably saw the Da Vinci code, for example. Considering what the Da Vinci Code was about, that was the storyline. The Da Vinci Code was about so much more than his doings. This was a speculative reality that, according to history, had been brushed under the carpet of the times.

Topically, history was all about that. Well, what's a subject? My workshop always asks about the differences between topic and conception. What, once you have understood it, is like asking about the differences between minced beef and filletignon. In his simplest words, the subject is what our history means.

The way it refers to the real world and general world. This is what it means to live and the endless variety of topics, aspects, challanges and adventures it offers. The subject can be a wide current arenas, or it can be a particular attitude to everything that man is experiencing in a lifetime. This can be contexts, or it can be the heart of the narrative.

The subject is the relevancy of your history to your own world. The themes are charity and hatred, the foolishness of young people, the treason of trade, the minefield of matrimony, the truthfulness of faith, heaven and hell, past and present, mystery versus mystery, treason, friendship, allegiance, Machiavellianism, riches and poorness, grace and bravery and sage and greed and pleasure and smile.

The subject is what it is like to live, how it manifests itself in our histories, how it is seen by our personalities and how it is lived through our storylines. Find more write hints. Purchase Story Engineering now!

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