The Nubook is a visual web design app that provides a visual way to create web presentations. ledger WELCOME TOKHOLDERS OF NU-BOOK! Publishers with a strong business expertise develop the Nu-book reader app. Now you can enjoy an improved and more enjoyable viewing environment that you won't find anywhere else. Featuring an easy-to-use user friendly interface and a host of functions that will appeal to anyone, Nu-book is your entry-level tool to get your next great time.

Nu Book Publishing, which has given you a Nu Bookoken, has decided to make its paper copy available in electronic form within the Nu Book software so that you can take advantage of the paper and electronic version of the work. SuBook and the publishing house believe that e-books are a logical and improved enhancement of hard copy and that both can coexist for the convenience of all reader.

Just browse and browse the Nu-Book application to get the full range of your tokened products. You' ll discover your work in a whole new way, in a challenging yet user-friendly setting full of functions intended to make your read an enriching one. NUBACK tokens are available with the acquisition of print products.

In order to find out if a printed copy of a product comes with a printed copy, look for the Nu-Book tag on the printed copy artwork. Several other ways are available to obtain Nu-Book-Token.

Ebooks: FAQ about my Nu-Book App

Perform the following to move to the My Nu-book App. So what do I need to be able to reread your e-books? Ebooks can be viewed with the My Nu-book app available for iPhone, iPod, Android, Windows and Mac OS. When you have a tray or computer with one of these OSes, you can go to the My Nu-book app to get our e-books and the My Nu-book app.

Even though the application can also run on iPhones using either iPhones or Android, we do not suggest using the application on mobile devices due to the limited screens. My Nu-book allows the reader to quickly find the desired information and search the whole volume via a comfortable browsing of the pages and a list of content.

On how many machines can I view the e-books? Apple application user have full control over two float licenses. That means you can always connect to your e-books on two different machines. When replacing a bookcase, we suggest that you remove the item from your bookcase on #1.

Then you can downlaod the app and login to #3 and access your e-book. Once the app has been downloaded, clients can order their e-books by choosing "Ebook" and placing the titles in the basket. As soon as the ordering procedure is completed, just open the app on your phone and login with your app accounting information.

This app will then inform you that your book is available for downloading! How does the reimbursement guideline for e-books look like? Because of their intrinsic electrical character, e-books cannot be surrendered, reimbursed or redeemed after downloading. Ebooks are available for downloading immediately after ordering.

Just open the My Nu-book app on your phone and sign in with your app subscription to get it! Will I need a Wi-Fi link to view my e-book? You' ll need a Wi-Fi link to start downloading the app and e-book, but then you can always retrieve the app and e-book from your machine.

Is it possible to create pages from these e-books? May I copy contents from the e-books? If I buy a new unit or loose my existing one, what happens? User receive a float license when they purchase a new unit. Just erase the notebook from your old collection and then recall it by signing in with your new one.

Notice that eBook subscribers can use tracks on a max of two machines at the same one. This two-license threshold is designed for clients who loose or exchange their equipment. The user would have to buy an extra copy of the e-book to be able to simultaneously connect to three or more machines.

Apple application user have full control over two float licenses. That means you can always connect to your e-books on two different machines. When replacing a unit, we suggest that you remove the copy on unit #1 from your bookcase (instead of just deinstalling the app). Then you can downlaod the application and login to #3 and get your e-book.

When a My Nu-book App is available for updating, use the App Store or Google Player to upgrade it.

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