Nulled Themes

The Nulled Topics

Nullled WordPress plugins and themes are extremely dangerous for WordPress security. Premium themes are expensive, and free themes are not as efficient and attractive. Therefore, many users choose a Nulled Theme. Normally you will find nulled topics on suspicious websites that are full of advertising and can lead you to other websites with similar content.

Recognizing how to recognize bad coding in free and unprotected WordPress themes and plugins.

Aside from the WordPress reference, there are tens and tens of hundreds of websites that offer free WordPress themes and plug-ins, but the trouble is you can't always rely on them. Yes, most of them are adding topics and plug-ins to your site with evil coding that is not too simple for you to figure out.

In addition to free themes and plug-ins, the premium-protected plug-ins and themes you can get from warez and torrents can also be contaminated with these evil code. Yes, I also became a victim of these free plugs. A few weeks earlier I was in despair to be able to download an extremely popular nulled plug-in from Warz and after I installed it on my own blogs, I found out that the plug-in was infectious and it forwarded my blogs to a spamming site.

Once you have down-loaded the plug-in or design, you should first search for viruses, Trojan horses and other worm infections that you may not like. When your executable is compromised, you will receive a warning message and if not, you can proceed to the next stage. We can now use another WordPress plug-in named Exploit Scanner, which can be safely down-loaded from the WordPress website, to search for undesired code in plug-ins.

Once the installation is finished, go to Dashboard >> Tools >> Exploit Scanner and run the scanner, it will take some waiting period for the scanning to finish and the waiting period will depend on the number of plug-ins used. You can use the Browsers browse feature to find the plug-ins that you have downloaded from outside the WordPress Repository.

The addition of a back link to a free design is a very commonly used technology, but you can find these exploit designs with ease using the plug-in Topme Authenticity Checker (TAC). They can view the lists of topics that have been set up with their results for authentication and receive a message if there are encoded threads in a topic.

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