Obsidian Wordpress Theme Download free

Theme Obsidian Wordpress Free Download

Embrace it Obsidian, like the natural volcano of the same name, has an intrinsic charm that is classy in look and functional in use. Featuring distinct backgrounds and various customisation capabilities, Obsidian makes it simple to build the definitive turntable for your on-line brand. Obsidian purchasers get free entry to our high-quality, location-wide CueBar audioplayer.

For this reason, we at Obsidian have added the possibility to customise your design typefaces with over 30 hand-picked typefaces. Tell your supporters where you will be performing by viewing a schedule of forthcoming concerts or shows. Your next appointment will be at the top of the page immediately. In a similar way to forthcoming performances, you can view a history of past performances as a guide.

You can use the user-defined Giga Position drop-down list to include annual Giga Archive content, as shown in the Theme Trial. Every show has its own page where you or your supporters can exchange Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or other forms of online networking. Single pages show date, place, time, ticketing information, calendaring and more.

Bonuses include embedding the event location info and linking to Google Maps for more detail or routeing. Musikarchiv can present your records, vinyls and EP's on one page. Alternatively, a user-defined pull-down can be used to create individual hyperlinks to individual records or to create individual hyperlinks.

Obsidian shows a clear and easy way for the user to hear and sampling your songs on different pages. Every song is linked to a page where you can include song texts, download songs or even tablatures - it's up to you. You can also view buy and download link records in the album templates to the right of the list.

Easily browse and browse your latest YouTube, Vimeo, or other featured services by entering a simple web address (URL). The Obsidian takes over the embedded and fast reacting team. When your supporters are something like us, they like to look at musical clips. Obsidian allows you to display your full width movie at the top of every page.

Customize your own web pages to allow you to split your own site's content, resulting in an increased visitor volume to the site and an added presence of your favorite tunes and forthcoming shows. Fully reactive, Obsidian allows your website to be accessed by your users from any phone, from your phone to your desk. The Obsidian also contains the following functions:

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