Ocean Texture

sea texture

Get the perfect marine texture images. Zoom Texture | PhotoFDOceanTex - Phoenix FD 3.0 for 3D Max

Creates a real ocean-like look and can be edited using the Material Editor. Vektor-Modus | Vektor - If deactivated, a standard shift is used for the result area. If activated, the Move Vektor is used.

See the example of Vektor Mode for more information on Vektor Shift and Standard Shift. Windspeed Controls | usewind,wind - When activated, physical precise waveforms are generated. If deactivated, the shafts are driven by user-controlled settings. If activated, the elevation and velocity of the sea will be exactly computed according to the windspeed.

If deactivated, elevation and velocity are directly adjusted via the elevation and velocity settings. Detail levels of | lod - Controls the amount of detail in the texture. You can compare this with the setting of the Niveau value in a default texture. Controls the magnitude of the sound signal.

This value is a multiple of the magnitude when controlling by windspeed is activated. This value is the output shaft altitude in system unit when controlling via windspeed is inactive. Vertikaler Versatz ( "vertical offset") Ã| Rangboffset Ã| - Introduces an extra movement of the movement. Focus Used to define the peak of the shaft comb.

Note that when used with V-Ray, the setting of the amount modifier of a V-Ray displacement modifier affects the resulting definition. In order to prevent this from happening, only use the Wave height setting in this role and not the Amount setting in the Position Modifier.

velocohoh - Controls the amount of variance in the shaft axis. If you have several different Textures in your scenes, use different seeds to make each texture look different. Corrugated comb| Corrugated comb| Corrugated comb - Sets the height of the corrugated combs. You can use smaller settings for the most accurate results to produce shorter vertices when velocity consistency is low, and greater settings for greater vertices when velocities are high.

Further information can be found in the example of the wave ring below. Display Scaling | scaltex - Controls the thickness of the texture card outputs. You can use these to accelerate, decelerate or loosen the movement of the texture. Play Mode | Animm Mode - Selects between different modes for controlling the animation:

This is the standard operating state. Plays the cartoon at a steady rate. Either can be used to show a stationary sea, or it can be animated if you want a different playback rate, to include backward playback of the motion picture. A certain part of the texture rendering is run through.

Change rates | velmult - Adjusts the wave velocities. This is a multiple when the windspeed controller is activated. Once deactivated by windspeed regulation, the cruise is directly set in system unit per second.

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