Ocean Themed Restaurant

Ozean Theme Restaurant

The bowling alley and restaurant is part of the Bass Pro Shops in Bridgeport. Nine Surprising Undersea World A lot of eateries offer great facilities, but you can't say every single night that you have eaten with the fish. Observing marine animals gliding beyond food can be a unique calming sensation, and several places around the globe are willing to offer it - whether it's actually going below the ocean floor or dining in a ocean floor environment with a huge tank as part of the structure.

Dubai's Al Mahara has added his Michelin-starred cook to the restaurant and is now known as Nathan Outlaw in Al Mahara. Restaurant is located in Burj Al Arado, but there are no window. Instead, the guests sit around a room-high 700,000-gallon seaquarium. Untersix is one of nine eateries in the PER AQUUM Niyama Estate in the Maldives.

Situated about a third mile ahead of the remainder of the resort, it is also about 20 ft, or six yards, below sealevel - hence the name. Enjoyment of lunches and dinners is available every day as you relax in anemone-inspired seating, join the Underwater Glow Party on Wednesday and Saturday evenings, or hire all the space for a personal bubbly birthday break or evening meal.

What about having dinner under the vigilant eyes of the beasts? The TheCargo Hold Restaurant is part of the uShaka Maritime World amusement complex, which has 32 aquariums with plexiglass footbridges that lead to five wrecks. Loading space is located in the aft of the phantom ship - a 1920s freighter steamboat - with lots of glasses so guests can observe both the shark pool and a sea game pool while eating.

Conrad Maldives Hotel's Ithaa Untersea Restaurant on Rangali Island is the first all-glass underwater restaurant in the Maldives (the name comes from a Maldives term meaning "mother-of-pearl"). Its vaulted ceilings and roofs provide a consistent backdrop of seafood and rich landscapes that can be savoured alongside lunches and dinners, all of which are dined at 16 ft below waterline.

Restaurant offers breakfasts in the lounge and the restaurant is open all days. Above the tavern hangs an 80-foot tall tank named AquaDom. It is the biggest cylindric tank in the whole wide range and contains one million litres of saltwater and 1500 tropicis. Don't be worried that it will fall down; the tank has been there since 2004.

Away from the ocean, visit the Aquarium, a series of four restaurant chains with sites in Denver, Nashville, Houston and Kemah, Texas. At Nashville, eat in the glass-covered portions of a 200,000-gallon salt water fishing pond. There'?s a million-gallon water in Denver. Various places offer guided visits outside supper, excursions to the amusement parks and education programmes.

Shark's Underwater Grill is a restaurant adjacent to the Shark Encounter Fuel Station in Sea World Orlando. Probably the size of the passing seafood will be much larger than the size of the seafood you order for your meal! SEA at Anantara Kihavah Villas, glazed with plexiglass, is one of several Maldives Kihavah resorts dining establishments, but the only one offering a view of the Indian Ocean bottom coves.

Open for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, the restaurant has an eight-sided dining area and the world's only underground cave. The 8 seafront restaurant at Hurawalhi Maldives Resort is built almost entirely of plexiglass for a top -notch viewing experience. Its name comes from the fact that it is 5.8 metres (about 19 feet) below the Indian Ocean floor.

Vaulted ceilings and vaulted ceilings offer a breathtaking glimpse of the fauna that makes the Maldives' cliffs its home. This restaurant only seats 16 persons.

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