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Print 3D everything with our global community of 3D artists from just $2. Ocean3D or Ocean 3D UK, as some people write it, produce interactive 3D environments for companies in the southwest of the UK. Latest tweets from Ocean3D (Southwest) (@Ocean3DUK). Amazing Oceans 3D is a fantastic journey through the magic of the deep blue sea.

Homepage - Interactive 3-D Tours with Ocean3D

A rough guideline is one lesson per 90 sqm. We recommend our clients to thoroughly clear and relieve the area to be scan before our arrival, and that all light bulbs work and all personnel or delicate objects out of view are secure. The Ocean3D uses the world's premier Matterport scan system, Matterport?, to work and deliver stunning HDR 3-D detail to the user.

Releasing your new scanner is easy, fast and uncomplicated. You can also get your own 3-D tours on our website. The viewer can choose between an automatic 3-D route, a conventional ground map display or the beloved doll's houses display at the beginning of each itinerary. Every opinion provides a different, very detailled look at your space for prospective clients.

An integrated guidebook enables the spectators to easily enjoy the trips. An Ocean3D? VR trip on your website and Facebook page allows potential clients to discover your restaurants, resorts or weddings location at any hour of the morning or evening. Sharing the links with your partners or your visitors, you can even browse menu, event or promotional items on the Mattertags? website.

Much better than arid, two-dimensional images or costly video where the customer has to go where the camera operator brings him.

practically everywhere

This is the only all-in-one functionality that gives you true, rich, interactive 3-D and VR viewing that feels as true as it does there. With our all-in-one 2-D and 3-D solutions, we are able to provide the right solutions for any business that uses, transforms, communications or sells physical locations. 3-D rooms are the most impressive and appealing way to see actual locations directly from your web navigator.

Virtuality brings this feeling of submersion to the next plane by locking everything else out and giving the user the feeling that they are really there.

"Join an impressive 3-D VR walk through the groundbreaking #Autism Spektrum housing complex at @westoncollege. Get a feel of the VR experience.

3-D trips make access easier for everyone on tablets, desktops, smartphones and @oculus https://t.co/OaJiGNrNin #transition... https://t.co/tnTXzku4ql".

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