Office Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Office Theme

The Office is an elegant multi-purpose theme for anyone who wants to give their website a professional look. The Office Responsive Business Theme by WinPExplorer WordPress is the WordPress theme for every company. With a very professionally designed, 7 user-defined mailings, pull & pull homepage module, endless highlighting colour, optionally navigable symbols, 3 menus, optionally fast response layouts? Office has everything you need for your website. Office is an appealing look that has been tried and proven to look great on portable gadgets like the iPad and iPhone.

Every responsive has been added to a seperate CSss and you can turn reactivity on and off like that. Office comes with 7 user-defined mail types: The first 2 are for the homepage design, while the others are supplied with page layouts that allow you to present them nicely on your website.

Establishing a website with shortcuts alone is a problem, the integrated mail guys will make it really simple to attach contents to your website and make it great. Inbuilt customization allows you to simply modify the name of your posts andlugs. In this way you can simply convert the concept "portfolio" into something else like products, gallery or houses.... Example with the postal service type service, personnel and FAQs. Just click on the "Portfolio" button.

Just build your pages for your portfolios, your products, your FAQs...etc. and choose the desired categorie for this page. That means you can have limitless service pages and a filter library. Just categorize your customized postings and choose the appropriate catagory from a drop-down list of metas while you set up your page.

Don't be afraid, I've added 4 bult-in headers that you can select from in the Topic Administration pane. You can now take full command of your navigational toolbar with 1.02 and modify the backgrounds, overrides, text colours, text overrides and the colours of the currently selected menus for your primary navigational toolbar.

In addition to having an imageslider on your homepage, you can also attach it to other pages, such as normal pages, full width pages, service pages, employee pages, FAQ pages....etc. Office includes some powerfull theme choices for configuring your website (with SMOF), such as drag-and-drop homepage module, colour selection for major highlights colour, upload logos, backgrounds choices, headers, activate/deactivate option for different items and much more!

View the administration settings by klicking on the screenshot links above! Just drag the desired pictures into the images/bg directory to apply your own background to the Wallpapers pane. Don't miss to look at our most beloved multi-purpose WordPress theme, which contains everything you need to build a fantastic website in any market segment - businesses, corporations, portfolios, photographs, blogs...etc.

Simply build your own pages using your own web browser and plug in Live-Drag & Dropping!

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