Official Time

Formal time

Formal time is any time granted by the Agency to an employee to perform representative functions on behalf of a trade union. Statute: ยง 7131. Formal time a) Any worker who represents an Only Representative when negotiating a Collective Labour Agreement in accordance with this section shall be officially authorised for these ends, inclusive of participation in the deadlock procedure, during the period during which the worker would otherwise be in an employment relationship. Workers for whom official working time is granted under this sub-section may not be more than the number of persons appointed as representatives of the agency for these ends.

b ) All tasks carried out by an individual in connection with the day-to-day operations of a work organisation (including calling for members, election of trade union officers and collecting dues) shall be carried out during the period when the individual is in a non-compulsory state. c) Except as provided in subparagraph (a) of this Section, the Authority shall specify whether an official who participates in or on name of a work organisation at any stage of the procedure before the Authority is to be granted official time for that purposes during which the official would otherwise be in service with the Authority.

2. In relation to all other matters dealt with in this Chapter, each worker in an appropriate entity which shall be represented by an Only Representative shall be given an official period of time of any amount within which the Agency and the Only Representative concerned shall consent to their being appropriate, necessary and in the general interest.


Tracker: Here are the stages for the legislation status: The bill forbids the provision of official time to an individual who would otherwise be in a mandatory position to engage in policy-making activities, such as advocacy. The official release from the tasks entrusted to a member of the Confederation's staff to represent a trade union or its staff in the negotiating session is limited in time.

Within the framework of the public sector old-age provision and the federal employees old-age provision: 1. an Associate shall not be granted a pension accrual for a single date which has been mainly for an official period totaling more than 365 calendar Days, 2. an Associate shall be considered to have been mainly for the official period if it is at least 80% of the period that such associate would otherwise have been in employment, and 3. any such services which have been mainly for an official period for which no pension accrual is granted to an associate shall be considered as a reliable performance for the purpose of determining the associate's mean salary.

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