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The Rolex Watch Service, Rolex Service Center Watch movement reconditioning, cleaning, crystal fittings, finishing of the clock face, case and bracelet and much more. Proud of the high degree of customer satisfaction we provide. As soon as your watch reaches you, you can be sure of the greatest possible diligence and the best possible security. Leo's two Rolex timepieces have been a great success and we couldn't be more pleased with their work.

It was a little bit edgy because I had sent $20,000 in clocks to someone in Utah, but it was WELL WORTH IT. During the whole procedure he was very communicational, from the offers for the servicing and the repair over the dispatch of the clocks up to their receipt and the advancement of the repair.

Well, our clocks look brand-new. It was very reluctant for me to put my timepiece in a crate, but Leo gave me a better feeling. I am so happy that I did this, his watch intelligence on the Rolex watch label was amazing and collapsed so that I could hear it and my watch, which is over 30 years old, looks all new.

And I will keep using the OTW for all my repairs and services. I got the Rolex watch today and I'm really amazed. and put it back in a mint state. Luckily, we were able to profit from your skills and experiences.

Here, too, we would like to point out that your customer service is outstanding and first-class. And Leo et al have got my Submariner back today as pledged! This watch I've been wearing every single night for 22 years looks really great! Only way that watch could look better is if you send me a new one back.

Many thanks for the good work you have done under my leadership and for the good support and communications you have provided! Leo... my watch came in as planned. I' m wearing a better-than-expected wristband. You' re my guards. Well, I just got my Rolex watch a few moments ago. Many thanks for your outstanding work!

This watch looks brand-new. Wearing it, I can't believe how thrilling my mom - the watch's former proprietor - was when my father presented it to her, probably his first present. There' s not a single thing that can tell you how thankful I am for your work. I' d already worked with Leo when he waited on my Rolex.

I had him make a lunette for her watch this time and put small stones on the hours. My watch has come and I have to say that it was the most memorable thing I have experienced with a servicing store. Looks like I just bought that old-fashioned watch.

We are not wealthy people, but I felt that the watch needed some TLC because I got it from my father-in-law. Prizes, on site, for the services seemed high and very open. I just want to say something about Leo's outstanding services and work. The ribbon has been fixed, the right crowns and the right crystals, the interior work has been done - it looks and works like new.

Your work I would commend to anyone who wants top class work and services. Hey, Leo, the watch looks great like new. and it' unbelievable! Rolex and his merchants maintained it several time. Looks like it was the first time I saw it, and I'm sure it will work.

Leo, my watch has come and I am so happy. She looks and walks like a new clock. I' ve had this watch since 1980 and will be passing it on to our granddaughter. I just returned from a journey and got my ROLEX. Well, I must say, the watch is new in appearance alone.

Many thanks for the great support and consultation. It is my assumption that you will come with me in the near term to remember the services I need or need and not to let me go on my own. When adjusting the time and date, I noticed that the clockwork and the shaft were much tighter.

I' m looking forward to an endless stream of my watch. At the moment I am a happy client. Greetings, hello Lion, I got my watch today. Many thanks for the outstanding services. I have a watch that looks gorgeous and holds time. Within two workingdays, I got a call listing the necessary repair work and the cost.

Work has been done as planned and the watch now looks and works better than it has in the over 40 years I have had it. All I wish was that I had found you years ago so that the services that were allegedly performed would actually be performed, even though the places I had sent it to were marked as Rolex-certified, apparently not, you were the only one ever to return parts.

Hopefully one of these days I'll be able to walk with you and give you a handshake for the painstaking attention you've given my Rolex. Thank you again for your proffesional attention and the friendliness you have shown to my Rolex and me, consider yourself my sister from another mom!

Her boyfriend n Northeast TN, Steven D. S. Aloha Leo, my man got his watch earlier this weekend and is very pleased with the work you did on it. Hello, Leo, my watch just got here and it looks good. Luckily I had been planning a journey to SLC, I felt uneasy sending my Rolex as it is a very important and sensitive part of my story.

On Tuesday I went into a VERY safe place and bureau to see Leo. Couple day later I pick up my watch, it looks good! I' m very satisfied with the services on my Submariner. Just got the watch, and man, it looks out standing! You' ve all done a good job working with what you had on the face, and the remainder of the watch looks flawless.

Certainly enough, Leo immediately phoned me when it came to reassure me that he had it and that everything was exactly as I had sent it. Ten and a half years later, this watch was back in my hand and looked, ran and felt like new, with all the old parts and the guarantee card and receipts in thebox.

Leo did it for less than half that prize, and he has the only Rolex-certified support centre that I know of, which means he gets all his parts directly from Rolex. Others have to buy parts from the after market because Rolex does not buy from a non-certified jeweller.

By far the best place to maintain and fix your Rolex is OTW. You do not resell or trade in any watch other than in-house servicing and maintenance. Rolex runs fantastically! Outstanding time management. I found my father's only 1977 marriage, Rolex, in our vault. It had to be overhauled with such an old-fashioned watch.

When I sent my guard to Leo, he gave me a personal call to make sure I could perform a good reconditioning and repairs. Like every watch from the 70s needs a little work, they substituted the crystals, pointers and other bezels, and other movable parts to hold them to Rolex norms.

I got the watch today after about two and a halfweek. It'?s brand-new! I' ll send you another watch soon. Possess a 1952 Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch. Because of the changes, the Dallas Rolex workshop would no longer function on the watch. Having had a few unsatisfying experience with small businesses, which proved to be skilled for the Rolex repairs.

There was a phone call two workingdays after I sent the watch to her. He went through the problems and gave me a fixed estimation of the cost and time required. This watch came to us last night, looked better than it has been for many, many years and (so far) almost had the same time.

My other Rolex timepieces are older and I plan to use my own when the time for purification or repair has come. You' ve told me about every move in my development and got my Rolex back before my journey. I have a perfect watch and it looks as good as new. It was sent to them after Rolex UK would not repair it without replacing the whole mechanism at a cost that made it inconvenient.

Located in Cyprus, I took the opportunity to send the clock to the States so that the work could be done. Excellent results and first-class customer care were delivered. Cathy's Rolex looks brand-new. I got the watch on Friday. Looks like a brand-new watch came out of the carton.

A special thank you to Leo at OTW for working on my Rolex watch. Since I had no face-to-face contacts to ask for a watch to be repaired, I conducted an online scan and found OTW in SLC, Utah. Having read the many good evaluations for the business from many clients who spoke extensively about the service their watch received and how pleased they were, I chose to e-mail the OTW requesting a quote for the repairs to my 1964 Rolex Precision Oyster watch with the mainspring fractured.

Then Leo sent me an email with a very good quotation and I phoned and talked to Leo to review the work to be done (Leo is very simple to speak, he heard me and communicates perfect what was needed for my watch repair). Then I sent my watch to OTW and Leo checked it out and phoned me back to tell me that the watchstrap would need a change because it wasn't the origin.

OTW took care of the repair; they did a full factory rebuild, replacing the mainspring and crystals. Also, they finished polishing the watchstrap, restoring its shine and doing extra work on my watchstrap, which showed superb craftsmanship. The OTW had to cut/notch the wristband to gain entry to the watch's stud bolts and did the work using precise tools - a perfectly work.

Under my supervision Otto carried out a full service repairs and the costs of the work were more than adequate in comparison to other Rolex service staff. Following the maintenance of my watch, on January 5, 2016 with USPS Next Day Delivery, my watch was handed back to me by Otto. Now my watch looks more handsome than I've seen it in the last forty years.

Part of the returned goods was an account containing the work done on the price setting together with a documentation containing the results of the time analyses carried out under my supervision. Many thanks to Leo for the excellent repairs and restorations of my Rolex watch and for the way you look after your clients to make sure they are fully happy when they get their watch back from OTW.

Now my Rolex watch only goes to the OTW when it needs to be serviced. Rolex Submariner a few and a half before Christmas. After 17 years of everyday use the watch looks like new again! So I went to adjust the time and it ran and the time was adjusted perfect with our eastern time.

Many thanks for your individual maintenance and attentiveness for the watch and for staying in contact with me during the maintenance time. Whom you choose to maintain such costly and valuable belongings really makes a distinction. If I need anything related to the services for my watch, I will contact you again.

But my woman was totally amazed by the watch and the work you did made her look better than new! I' ll send you my own men's SS around 1970 Rolex (no date on this one) soon so you can work on it too. Leo, my Rolex Submariner just got here and it looks great!

Many thanks for the outstanding customer care and the good work. Returning your books, invoices and watch boxes shows the finest craftsmanship. And I will pass on the words about your outstanding services and your very competitive prices. Exceptional customer care and follow-up! Well, I had my Rolex Yachtsman fixed and maintained. Post-processing and check-in on scheduled appointments was outstanding.

You know, Leo knows you trust him with your precious timepiece. All I want to do is thank you for your exceptional support and processing of my husband's Rolex. was in good hands. Mm. From the beginning, I estimated the call from you when I answered your question, then with the quote and time schedule until the last call with the returns information.

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