Official World Clock with seconds

World Clock with seconds display

Weltuhr for Windows PCs Have you got boyfriends, family members or associates in different timezones around the world? Do you always need to know the precise clock times abroad or in another timezone? Do you need to deal with different timezones for your work as a management, brokering, trading or private person?

Which advantages does an off-line World Clock software have? Having a world clock on your Windows desktops can help you organize your everyday lives when you' re interacting with humans in different timezones. Staff must know the business times for their colleagues and clients abroad, agents the opening times of exchange.

For everyone else, it's good and useful to know what late it is in a faraway town, where a boyfriend or family member lives, so you know when to call him or her or await an e-mail reply. While it' s simple to find sites that display your clock in other timezones, it's uncomfortable and time-consuming to find the accurate information you're looking for on-line on an ad-supported site.

You' ll find more timezones than you probably know, from -12 to +12 hrs from downtown and many of them adhere to complex summer season regulations. In addition to the discrepancy in temperature, these regulations have to be taken into account, which makes it hard to determine the differences in times between two towns without having your own world clocks.

In addition to being able to display any number of watches in any conceivable version and layout, this world clock has numerous extra functionalities and elements such as meteorological reports, alarm systems, a timezone conversion function, a calendaring widget and more. Not only is this world clock an everyday timepiece, it's also an appealing desk ornament and a useful set of everyday utensils.

Try it and join thousands of happy subscribers around the world! When you resize your watches there is no sacrifice in image quality: they can be small or enormous and everything in between (the graphs use WPF, a DirectX layer). Timers can be in analogue or analogue modes.

Change colours, font types, frames, date/time formats and everything else for all watches or separately. Watches can be in a line, a line or a lattice or they can be individual (disconnected). When not in constant use, they can be blanked out and displayed with a hot key or click on an off-clock clock, making it easy to schedule appointments across different timezones.

This world clock features a global meteorological update every 2 clocks, which is one of its built-in features. Shows the actual meteorological condition, a 3-hour period for the actual date and the next four days' prediction, with minimum/maximum temperatures (┬░Celsius or Fahrenheit), windspeed and heading.

In addition, the display shows the times of dawn and dusk and a symbol of the actual lunar phases with information about the next full and new lunar phases. It has an option of Info-Tooltip/Popup, which is displayed on each clock on contact with the mousepad and displays some extra information, as well as the actual rainfall for the chosen city:

Date and clock string in the user-interface uses locale languages (here: German), but the timers can use any arbitrary languages for date and clock, timers outside this age. You can also set the light hour (time between dawn and sunset) of any global clock town instead of business hour.

You can change the spacing between the watches using the "Margin" slide control in the setting dialogue. Udock watches from the Hauptfenster and place them anywhere on your computer screen. There are 13 different versions of the hour/minute hand, 10 different versions of the second hand and 6 different versions of the digit hand:

Last watch shows 24-hour operation, in which the hands make a full turn in 24 instead of 12hrs. Every town with more than 15,000 inhabitants and every capitol is contained in the supplied town data base. Watches in the image are in the same look, but this is not necessary.

Once you have assigned a general theme to each watch, you can make changes to some watches to make them look different: Rather than selecting towns, you can choose UTC/GMT or army timezones for your world watches - just choose "Time Zones" from the continents drop-down menu and choose the timezone from the towns drop-down menu.

This world clock can be downloaded and tested for up to 15 free day and you only need to buy if you are satisfied:

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