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I' ve been using this subject since Chrome came out. Tip ] Restoring the classical design and user interface in Google Chrome

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the web browsers Google Chrome, the Google Chrome 69 release, with a new design and look and feel, was launched by the Google people. There is a new graphical environment named "Material Design Refresh" which is also known as " Material Design 2" or "Material Refresh", etc. New design or UI includes many GUI changes like round, crooked tabbed pages, round addresses bars corners, many changes in colors, custom icons shifted from the title bars to the symbol bars, etc.

However, there may be many people who don't like the new Google Chrome web browsers interface. You' ll like this item if you updated to the new Google Chrome release and don't like the new design and interface. In today's Tutorial, we'll explain how to turn off the new round tabbed pages and user interface changes and how to recover the good old classical user interface in Google Chrome.

You can use this step-by-step guide to recover the old look-n-feel in new Google Chrome releases. And if you're using Google Chrome 69 or later and want to get back to the look and feel of your computer, the following tips will help: Go to the Google Chrome web browser and paste chrome://flags/ into the address bar and hit return.

Enter the name of the product in the "Search flags" field. In order to re-establish the classical design and user interface, choose "Normal" from the drop-down list. Chrome will ask you to reboot your web browsers. Press the "Restart now" icon to start Google Chrome again. You can now experience the classical design and user interface in the newer version of Google Chrome.

If you want to recover the new user interface in Chrome, choose Default from the drop-down list and reboot your web browser. CONFIDENTIAL TIP: The new Material Design Refresh user interface has also been added to the new tab. And if you also want to recover the old classical new tab in Google Chrome, the following tutorial will help you:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are a Mozilla Firefox fan and would like to receive Google Chrome's new Material Design Refresh UI in your web browsing experience, the following guide will help you: How to recover "TrustedInstaller" as the default owner of a file, folder or registry key in Windows?

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