Old Weebly Themes

Alte Weebly Themes

Weebly' s old themes are now fast moving! By 2017, these unreactive themes are still available for pre-carbon Weebly account, but they are exactly that - not reactive. Weebly Tricks, in an attempt to modernise these themes, will retrieve the old, unresponsive themes from Weebly, make them 100% reactive and then make them available to you! Yeah, you can get worked up now.

Download old Weebly themes - Hold on to your good tooth

You like the old Weebly themes like me? You can still get to the old themes if you had your own before the new changes took effect by zooming to the bottom of the themes page and pressing the Show old themes icon, but unfortunately those with new profiles don't have to.

Don't be afraid, I have put together the old themes for you, which you can free of charge here down load and on your website installs! Installation instructions: Installation and customization! Topic overview (click here to view MediaFire downloads): How did I do it? Usually I would tell you to savor your new design, but this tim I will tell you to savour your old design!

Use the same check-in procedure to add topics that you received elsewhere or create yourself. Meanwhile, you're welcome to redistribute the link or resubmit these themes elsewhere for others to use. Jamila Mikhail is my name (but you can call me Meela for short) and this is my exit where I can write myself and my thoughts about my thoughts about my lives and things that concern me, my thoughts about my society and religion, my histories and other scriptures, as well as everything else that goes through my skull.

I am very open-minded and sincerely hoping that this will be a hot, friendly and interesting place on the web. Anyone, regardless of sex, race, national origin, religion, sex preference or anything else, is welcome to participate in the useful discussions on this site, but no spamming or hate speech will be tolerated by anyone under any circumstance.

Although you and I cannot transform the worlds, we can at least help make them a better place through friendliness, a soft mind and a sympathetic mind. It is a blogs only reflecting the opinion of the writer and is not officially associated with any other person or organisation of any kind.

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