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Anything you change in the sidebar.php file of your old theme will also be overwritten. Making old WordPress themes compliant with new releases You want to make your old WordPress themes compliant with newer WordPress releases. WordPress 3.0 just around the corner, topic compatability is something for many of you.

I' ve been creating WordPress themes since WordPress 2.3 was published, and guessed what? These themes still work today and there is nothing I need to do to make them work with newer WordPress releases.

Is it going to use postedumbnails to process postedumbnails ( about 2.9)? No, but not every topic uses mailumbnails anyway. Are you going to introduce the new navigational menu, user-defined headers and wallpapers in the coming WordPress 3.0? No, and remember that not every topic will have a need for customized backgrounds or headers.

Except for thread commentaries or the new menusystem, many topics won't even be needed or tailored for things like user-defined mailumbnails or headers. So, please, stop bothering about whether your topic will go wrong if you update WordPress. Not an insult to my plug-in development buddies, but 99% of the times WordPress crashes with a kernel update, it's a plugin's culpability (and it probably had it come from suspicious plug-in encoding practices).

When a topic has a user-defined feature that collides with a new WordPress feature, the same could occur with topics so that it is possible. Probably the only "bug" I've ever seen that happened with a new kernel update (and not every topic used the get_categories function).

Frankly, I've never seen a topic broken down entirely, and I probably never will. I would be happy to listen to your thoughts in the commentaries, what do you think about making topics "compatible" with new releases? Did you ever see a change of topic because of a new WordPress release? So if you want your WordPress topic to take full benefit of the new functionality that will be available after the release of WordPress 3.0, this paper has some good information about the integration of user-defined wallpapers, headings, and more.

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