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Versatile, ultra-flexible, fully responsive Wordpress theme. Let my WordPress page look like the theme demo. The Omega is a minimal/raster portfolio theme that is ideal for designers and photographers to present their work. Omega, a versatile Wordpress theme. <


Find out how you can customise your Omega-based website simply by modifying each item visual.

Find out how you can customise your Omega-based website simply by modifying each item visual. The parent topic is HTML5 and supported. Key functions and built-in: brand-name - you can enter or submit your page header and your website descriptive heading and choose your image logo if you wish.

Navigate - The Omega design provides 1 menus. Furthermore, the postal lay-out assists the presented picture choice with three different picture sizes. The Omega theme is a good starting theme, mainly because it is optimised to be able to be flexible in order to build any kind of website you wish about the development of childrens themes (by add some must-have functions that are often needed when creating themes).

One of the main characteristics that make this WordPress Theme Framework the right choice: optimised and focussed WordPress Theme (mostly obtained with the Microdata markup). With HeroReady, you get a great WordPress customization experience. Omega Child Themes available: When you use (or want to use) this topic.....

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Life Style - Minimalist WordPress Theme

Hi, I'm using the lifestyle theme and like the layout and layout very much, but I can't make the headline work. Thanks, hello, I just upgraded Omega, and now my whole website is lifestyle oriented showing php errors! The Omega logo on your parents page must be up to date. Very much I appreciate the ease of this topic!

This topic, however, promotes the fact that it can have a page with full width. Couldn't get this theme changed to get rid of the side bars. I' m also having this problem. Width: 100%; Padding-right: 0; Display: none; 1. Login to WordPress Administrator. In the Appearance window, click Designs.

Hello, I'd like to centre my menue. Hello, today I have something on my page Postet, and all of a sudden there was this giant picture at the top of the articles. Hey, we have a issue with us uploading pictures in a contribution, but only the text is displayed on the web page.

Thanks for the brainstorming! font-weight:bold; Hi, Is it possible to have different languages on this subject and in this case how do I do it? At the moment my website is in the Swedish languages, but I would also like to have an German translation with an German logotype, menu etc..

I just put Lifestyle on a client's website just to see that it's a children's theme from Omega. Do I need to have Omega or will Lifestyle work as a stand-alone theme? When I need to download Omega, do I need to recreate the contents I have already uploaded into the lifestyle?

Forget it... just noticed Omega's already on. What type of fonts are used in this topic? Hello, I like this topic, but it's difficult to figure out how to turn your statical pages into categorys. Which are the optimum sizes for a logotype picture for use with Lifestyle?

Can I use a logotype picture and the text title/subtitle? Many thanks for your work on this topic! Since there is no single size or size specification for a logotype, just make sure it is proportionate. You can only use logos with Tagline as text by standard. You can also add your text to your own logotype.

and it works great with what I want to do. I would like to use my phone number and my adress in this series, where you have the text "Minimalist WordPress Theme". I' d rather take them apart and have an adress on the right and a cell phone number on the right.

This is not possible because the tagsline box cannot handle HTML tags, you need to change the design or add your home and telephone number to the brand. Hi, I have chosen the leftside bar as a page layout and although there is no room for a leftside bar, I don't know where to add the contents for the leftside bar / creating the leftside bar.

Both your help and your topic are very welcome. Thank you! Could you pose your page URI? You should be able to use the LH side page with the LH side page with the LH side page and the LH side page with the LH side page. Hello, I like your designs. While I' m visiting the page, the features picture is there, but when I click on the article and go to the real site the features picture is not there.

Any way to keep the features-picture? To avoid duplicate pictures, you can paste the presented picture into the contents of the posting (Editor) and use posting extracts (Go to "Appearance > Customize > Mail > Show posting extracts") on the Blogs page. #000; Hello, I really like this topic... perfectly for our website.

PIease improve your life style theme. Hi, I've been using the theme of lifestyles for some time and I really like it, but only now did I realize that my Google Analytics wasn't working. Hello Carolina, I don't think it's the life style issue. I would suggest to use Google Analytics plug-in for WordPress. The Pinterest plug-in can also be searched in WordPress plug-in repos.

That'?s a great subject. Instead, it shows a synopsis of a contribution with a shortcut to[read more] to see the full contribution I want to view each one. I' d like to turn the whole menue off. Thinking that I had made all the necessary tells, I realized that the posts were displayed in order alphabetically and not chronologically, which I thought was the standard mp.

There' s a lot of stickiness on the home page about your contribution "A Bolacha Diferida". Allows you to modify the privacy state of this posting and it will be displayed chronologically. Hi, I really like your lifestyle theme. Where can I adjust the standard home page to show only the latest 2-7 entries?

The last item 1 is shown in the slide bar. It seems to write at the top of my homepage and I'm not sure where it came from - is there any way to get it out? Hi, I want to centre my blogs page, please, how can I do that? Width: 100%; Padding-right: 0; text-align: centre; Hi, I love your lifestyle theme, but I still have this one.

Hello Jessie, you need to set up your WordPress permission links. By the way, this topic has nothing to do with the theme of lifestyles. Oh, I loved this lovely subject! Is there a way in the blogs of hiding the creator of each blogs posting from the world? I' ve got some apparently easy question. Where do you want your point of sale to go?

With other words, I want the "Blog" page to contain all the postings, but at the time can' t find out how. I' ve centered my home page, but want to move the menus to the bottom of the page to the south. Can you do this easily? centre alignment only the UL item so that the li remains oriented by default. x text-align: centre; Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!

One more thing, I tried to delete the standard navigational toolbar on the design without succeed... what else can I try? It'?s a beautiful subject indeed. It'?s my favorite. I like to use it. Even after choosing'Show featured image', the picture added to the blogs will not appear with the postal-exit.

Hello Shivani, go to "Appearance > Customize > Post" and click "Show full post". To narrow down the text and remove all formats and pictures, click Show Postal Statements. This is a subject I adore!

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