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Distinctions between the Web and the Web A lot of folks use the words web and world wide web (also known as the web) as interchangeable concepts, but in reality the two are not the same. There are two things about the web and the web that are different but related. Which is the web? It is a huge net of nets, a net working structure. Connecting tens of thousands of computers worldwide, it forms a single computer communication hub where any computer can interact with any other computer as long as both are online.

The information transmitted over the web does so in a wide range of different tongues known as logs. Short notes on the Internet: Telecommunications is decentralised. Every computer on the web is self-contained. It is possible to connect to the web in a number of ways. More than 3.5 billion people use the web around the globe.

Which is the Web (World Wide Web)? World Wide Web, or just the Web, is one way to access information via the Web. This is an information exchange scheme based on the web. HTTP is the language used by the Web to transfer information, which is only one of the tongues used on the Web.

It also uses web browser such as Firefox or IE to browse web pages that are hyperlinked to each other. This is a system of web server supporting specifically reformatted document. Application known as a web browser that facilitates accessing the World Wide Web.

Web is just one of the ways in which information can be distributed over the web. SMTP, Usenet newsgroups, IM, and FTP are also used for e-mail, not the Web, but the Web. The web is therefore only a part of the web, albeit a large part, but the two concepts are not interchangeable and should not be mistaken.

YOU KNOW... In March 1972 Ray Tomlinson created the first essential e-mail-client. Queen Elizabeth II sent an e-mail in 1976. Whose website is the same?

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