On the website or in the website

At the website or in the website

Präpositions - "On the website" or "On the website"? A thing is healthy if, and only if, the premisses are real and the inference necessarily follows from the premisses. When you use the number of results you return to find the correct use, there may be a high degree of correspondence between the number of results and the use, but it is not a solid one.

Consider as a counter-example the English and US spelling of words: if paint had more results than paint, it would be false to conclude that paint is the right term and paint is not. When you use the number of results to measure your appeal, it's not a solid way either. When you conclude from this that because it has about n results, it must be quite common to recognize that Google only provides a fundamental estimation that can vary due to a number of different determinants, such as something as as simply searching page 2 of the results.

In addition, certain catchwords are overweighted due to their value for overall value; a historic example is the catchword "mesolthelioma", a relatively arcane concept for benign tumors due to exposed people. Those kind of words underline the realities of Google results: they are not the aggregate of people' knowledges and are defeated by the game.

Only good deduction that can be drawn from the number of Google results is that Google has indicated many pages that contain or refer to this search word, not that the word is particularly liked or that it is accurate.

Current samples for website from the web

Friday evening plan covered many of Speedway's divisional areas, according to the Speedway website, such as Spectator, Compact Combat and Figure 8 racing. O'Donnell's four-page appeal is published on the Harford County Public Schools website, along with answers from Patrick Spicer, general counsellor for the education system, and the views of the State Compliant Council. The website of the beautician Felicia Walker Benson, TheseThatBeauty, was consequently voted one of the 50 best beautician-blog.

The Health Museum website says that daily visitors commuting from home to the Health Museum for activity spend $950, while night visitors staying on Rice University campuses spend $1350 on the programme. It also says that it is devoted to the best whisky selections in Texas.

There are ongoing talks on the replacement of POWs, the site said. Tobacco 21 website, an effort to increase the smoker ages to 21 years across the country, says that more than 310 towns or districts in 20 states have adopted such schemes. After today's baptism in the Chapel at St. James's Palace a cup of coffee at Clarence House, the imperial home of Prince Charles and his duchess, Duchess of Cornwall, followed.

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