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Searching for a word on a web page. grammar - "on a page" or "in a page" for a web page Here John Lawler's reply goes a little in the direction of clarifying the difference: the prepositional choices distinguish between the top and the bottom. When you treat the web page like a page from a books - a pretty clear methaphor - then you would use it because you are talking about something that' s printed/written on the page-face.

It is unlikely that you are related to anything in the site physically sited. It' on page 474 of this one. Since web pages usually consist of textured codes, it is quite simple to find something in the site physically. Here you are not interested in what is displayed on the monitor ( = the page surface), but in what the monitor looks like, how it works.

It could be used on a page of a newspaper, but it is less likely that something will occur within the newspaper itself. There was a crab crushed on the page of the text.

Searching for a word on a web page: Seven Step (with pictures)

Almost every web browsers has a searching function that allows you to browse the page for words or phrases that match. Also, you can use Google's enhanced query operations to find a single keyword or phrase on all pages of a particular website. This can be used in combination with the Find button to find a keyword anywhere on the web.

Then press Cmd + F (Mac) or Control + F (PC). Enter the searched term. Enter or Return. As a result, the "Find" field is opened in practically every web-browser. You can also find this item on the Edit menu in Explorer or on the Chrome and Firefox menus at ? and Chrome.

Normally, if you are using a portable web browsers, you will find the Find function in the web browsers menus. Enter the words you want to find on the page. While typing, your web browsers will find matching files. In the Find field, click the Next and Previous button to scroll through the results.

This page jumps to each page and the results are emphasized. Please browse Google in your webrowser. Google lets you browse all the pages on a website. Type.site:siteaddress.com at the beginning of the query. As a result, Google is instructed to look only for pages on this website.

After the website adress, type the words or sentences you want to look for. It is possible to type a singular term or phrase. If you want Google to find an accurate keyword or phrase, enclose it in quotation marks. Navigate to a page from the results and use the Find menu item.

Googles will retrieve all the pages that correspond to your query, but it will not refer you to the appropriate text once you open the page. You must use the Find button to get to where the term appears on the page.

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