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The Papaver is a subtle, minimalist theme that focuses on your words. There are one, two, or three column variants for this topic. WhitSpot - Clean Business WordPress Theme.

WordPress 30+ 1-column themes

You just want to sometimes, and how much easier can you become than a one-column topic? Following up on our 2 Column Themes, 3 Column Themes and 4 Column Themes article, here are more than 30 of the best 1-column WordPress themes out there. Hemingway Meets CognitiveCombine V. 2 - This topic is reminiscent of either African style or a really good Cape Coffee.

LooseMyMind 1. 0 - A very basic motif in whites, blues and grey with a finder feature and round edges. Hemingway Meets CognitiveCombine v. 1 - another browsable topic in color with footpath. Coffee 1 brownies. 00 - this topic has a header and a very easy styling. A very Web 2. 0 topic with round edges and broad strips.

The Dewanti head - the dandelion head gives this topic an essential look with foot-pedalling. BAMBO O 1. 0 - the head of Bambooto makes this perfectly for a travelling or blogsreen. The Artueel theming - a topic with an abstracted head and foot naviagation. Nucknow 0. 3 - easy and stylish white-black motif with headers navi and marine back.

1. 2 - very easy motif in plain colours consisting of red, green and green with foot and keystrokes. Blues 1. 3- Blue-white design with round edges, tabular headernavigation and a Web 2. 0 tag. The Greenhill 1. 0 topic has a foldable headernavigation and built-in navigational features.

1. 1. 1. 1 - Monochrome metropolitan themes with rust-coloured touches. The Shinra House Blu 1. 1. 1 - a nature-inspired topic with foot-walk. The Fastr V0.1 Speedy - very easy design with headersavigation. The Bare Radux reddux - design in red, green and red with headersavigation. Pyxis 1. 0 - darkgrey chiaroscuro topic with headers and footers navigational items.

BRAINTED 1. 0 - this topic shows only the postal title on the home page, which can help to raise your page views. Matrix Pill 1 reds. 0 - reds and grays chiaroscuro themes with round edges and foot pedal guidance. Aeronautic chiaroscuro topic with headinglio. 1- Easy and stylish red-white topic with darkgrey footpath.

Public 2. 1 Palm Palm - reds, greys and whites with headers navigations. Tableless 1. 0 - this is one of the easiest topics I have ever seen and also one of the most stylish. There is a fundamental nav in the bottom line. Minimumistica 1. 0 - the head gives a little thrill to this very simple subject.

LivingOS Gamma 1 - Whites, reds and oranges with headersavigation. The Wucoco - A column 0.10. 2- I really enjoy the abstracted headers in this topic, which also contain the navigational items. The 4R3 - darkgrey and limette grey light-on-dark motif inspires naturalness. 1. O - grey and whitish subject that is unbelievably easy and has no nav.

This topic has an extensible head and foot top menu. Jojofish - very basic motif in blues, grey and whites with footpads. Zero - whites, blacks and blues with winters headers picture and headers nav. The Blocky 1. 0 - grey and grey design with headersavigation.

01 - Nature-inspired design with extensible headers (including a small drag tag). The Gespaa Topic 1. Zero - easy and stylish motif in clear blues with headersavigation. Amber 1. 0 - grey and verdant subject with a minimalistic headline and headlineavigation.

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