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One-sided Builder

Take a look at the one-sided Ultra demo. Single sided navigation with Page Builder and Corp. Single sided browsing allows the user to simply navigate to long target pages or single sided sites. Look at the demonstration. PagesAdd New, build a new page, and then click the Page Builder page to begin.

To use the contents of the demonstration page, you can right-click here to start the process and click the right button.

If you have a completed page, either with your own contents or with the above mentioned demonstration contents, it is your turn to enter our line IDs. Line IDs are used to reference each section of the page. Modify the first line you want your menus to reference and click the Attributes page on the right, use the Line ID box to enter an ID that will be used later in your menus.

In our demonstration, for example, the first line we have linked to is the line Service. Used ID are Service. For each line of your page you want to be linked to, insert a line ID. If you are not yet adding a meal, go to AppearanceMenus and click on the "Create New Menu" button.

After naming, store your submenu at the point where the topic Header is located. Next, insert your anchors that lead your visitors to the different areas of your one-page site. Select the Custom links page on the far right to insert a custom hyperlink. Insert the name of your first section ID with a preceding hatch in theURL box.

If, for example, the first line you want to hyperlink contains the ID service, include #services in the URL area. Linktext is the text your user will see, paste the linktext for the anchors you are linked to. The creation of an Anker menus, as described in the above section, is easy for a one-page website.

You will need a seperate menue in this case. We did exactly that in our Corp-Demo, the one-sided one has one menue and the other one has another. We used a plug-in named Visibility Control in the menus. After installation and activation, it will add a visibility panel to each submenu point.

We have adjusted the visibilities in each submenu of AppearanceMenus so that it is either shown or hid on the One-Pager. Navigate to the pages, modify the page and verify the page in question, the page ID is the number inside the page number. The ID for our demonstration is 288.

You can use the following conditioned instructions in your menus, just substitute our page ID (288) with yours. However, if you choose to have your one-page hyperlinks displayed on your website, it is not necessary to use the visibility of menus. Another thought is that a user can link to your one-page link from another page.

In order to make sure your anchors work, use absolutely correct URIs when creating custom anchors to your menus. That means that instead of inserting anchors like #services you have to insert the pageURL in addition to the one.

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