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Best 25 Single-Sided WordPress Topics (2017) Looking for the best one-page WordPress topics for your website? A lot of online businesses use one-sided designs to provide an engaging hands-on computing environment. We' re showing you some of the best one-page WordPress topics you can use on your website in this column. An self hosting page is the ideal plattform to start creating your one-page website.

Read our guidelines about the differences between and In order to launch your WordPress website, the first thing you need is a WordPress Hosting Account. Web sites all require web hostings. You are one of the biggest worldwide hosters and an authorized WordPress host. As soon as you have registered for hosted WordPress, the next stage is the installation of WordPress.

Just obey our step-by-step directions on how to launch a WordPress blog and you're up and running in a flash. You are now set to download and use a WordPress topic on your website. Choose a topic from our list of experts below. For help with the installation of the topic, please refer to our WordPress Topic Guides installation guides.

After that' said, let's take a look at some of the best WordPress topics with one page. The Creativo is a WordPress one-page story designed for commercial, photo and photo sites. Featuring several one-click demonstrations, this stunning multifunctional display comes with a one-page website. There comes with built-in folder contents with full WooCommerce functionality, 7 skin, 3 layout designs, 3 headers and limitless colour selections.

There are also free features like a page creator, slide controls and a web interface plug-in. Mont Blanc is a nice one-page WordPress topic that can also be used on multi-page webpages. Developed for corporate, photo and web portals. Comes with 5 homepage laysouts, 4 headers and 4 headers, plus full WooCommerce functionality.

Comes with a Drag&Drop page creator and a slide control modul. Setting up the topic is straightforward with the straightforward process of importing demonstration contents. Perpel is a beautiful WordPress topic on the home page. Comes with a one-click demonstration console install and provides a single-page lay-out with seperate Blog and all the extra pages you want to have.

Comes with a nice, customizable folder with Ajax and nice movies. Overall the topic is very appealing and contemporary. The OneEngine is a one-page WordPress topic. Provides assistance for the addition of customers, portfolios, teams, services and info area. The Mustache is a one-page WordPress topic for designer, artist, photographer, etc..

Conceived for use on one-page web pages, it is sufficiently versatile to be used on multi-page webpages. Provides integrated sectioning for collateral type portfolios, customers, service, and people. The Mustache has a unique contemporary look with customized logos supported, simple set-up, integrated Google Maps and supports for online forms.

The Zero is a classy WordPress one-page topic for online publishers, startups, digital agency, application developer, etc... There comes with built-in subsections to append portfolios, customers, service and subsections. High-end is a premier WordPress multi-purpose topic. There comes fully loaded with functions like several ready-to-use demonstration layouts, plus a nice one-page buisness demonstration.

There is also dragging & dropping page builders, slider, symbol font, etc.. Delivered with several page styles, user-defined widgets, several page bars, and navigational menubars. Section where you can attach your assets, members of your teams, and your gallery of photos. The Sydney Pro is an elegantly multi-purpose WordPress themed. Can be used as a one-sided design, but it is also willing to be used as a multi-page design.

Comes with additional page styles for that. Partallax is a nice one-page WordPress topic with fly-in items, background partitions, folder and collaborative mailings. It' simple to include motion-based progression bar, lists and raster layout, and endless scrolling. The OnePage is a one-page WordPress topic for Web sites.

Designed for optimum speeds and power, it comes with a simple pull and drop build tool. The Moesia Pro is a beautiful one-page WordPress topic for corporate web sites. Comes with a page generator containing various contents blocs. There are also sliders, page styles, Google scripts, and all the functionality you'd want from a premier topic.

Like the name says, freelance is a one-page WordPress topic for professional and freelance users. Delivered with ready-to-use segments for portfoliomanagement, customers, endorsements, etc. The setup is very simple with a user-defined topic option pane. The Daylight is an outstanding WordPress One Page theming tool that can be used to quickly build multi-page web sites.

Enterprises is a WordPress commercial subject.

Developed to be suited for both single-page and multi-page WordPress Sites. There are integrated sessions to expand the product range and service offerings. There also comes with an added price tag, user-defined widgets, more layouts and user-defined logos added. It is a high-performance and very versatile WordPress topic. There comes with several home page layout which can all be used to simply create a one-page WordPress website.

There is also a graphical page creator using simple added contents module dragging and dropping. It' s designed for all types of businesses and comes with ready-to-use layouts for different sectors such as restaurants, agents, spas and salons, attorneys and even e-commerce shops. Coporate Plus is a free one-page WordPress topic for web sites.

You can also use it as a multi-page topic with a seperate section for blogs. And it comes with powerfull functions like sliders, section, service, parent, blog section and contacts page. It' s completely widgetized, which makes it very simple to set up. is a free, one-page WordPress topic.

Developed for web sites, this topic offers a contemporary look. Provides integrated authoring capabilities for areas, service, portfolios, teams, clients and capabilities. The Potenza is another good option for a one-page WordPress topic. This comes with an easily set up, fully dedicated homepage. There are many colour selections, user-defined background, scrolling parallaxes and nice motion graphics.

Delivered with user-defined Widgets to build mailboxes, adding service, customers, price charts and more. SingePage is a free WordPress-Topic. There is also full wallpaper supported videos, soft symbols, user defined logos and full mode Google map supported. The ScrollMe is a free WordPress topic for a page, but instead of the normal scroll, it is intended for scroll horizontally.

Makes it a breathtakingly attractive option for boutiques related to portfolios, photos, fashion as well as interiors. A one-page WordPress topic for dining, caf├ęs and pubs. The program is optimised for performance and can also be used on multi-lingual WordPress pages. Sapely is a free WordPress one-page topic with a number of functions.

There comes with customized Widgets to simply insert your portfolios, test stories and paragraphs of your favorite parallaxes on your homepage. It' simple to customise and set it up using the Life Topic Customiser. WooCommerce is also supported and can also be used on multi-page sites. The Prallax Pro is a one-page WordPress topic based on the Genesis topic frame.

Comes with a fully widgetized homepage design that allows you to easily pull and dropping contents to set up your homepage. Can also be used as a multi-page topic and comes with nice Typography, full WooCommerce functionality and customized Widgetts. It' simple to set up and optimised for maximum speeds and power.

The Hestia is a free WordPress responsive topic that can also be used as a one-page topic. Easily set up the topic with a plugin that will add a testimonial, service and home page section to your website. Homepage set-up is quite straightforward with just dragging and dropping via the Living Topicustomizer.

It' re up and running with favorite free Page Builders plug-ins and WooCommerce out of the box. WooCommerce is a great way to get started. Attrium is a classy WordPress one-page topic for photo, portfolios and web-sites. There is an integrated asset allocation area and a nice, easily filtered asset allocation area. There are very appealing wallpaper backgrounds, an easily created homepage design and a gooey navigational board.

It' simple to set up and comes with a control box for customizable topic choices for fast adjustment. Hopefully this item has help you find the best one-page WordPress topic for your website. Or you can want to see a listing of the major WordPress plug-ins for commercial sites. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos tutorial if you liked this one.

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