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Tags: onepage, agency, business, colorful, creative, minimal, multipurpose, one page, parallax, portfolio, reactive, rtl, single pageSee all tags. A page - A page parallax by OnePageCreative The Atum is a one page Parallax WordPress design tool using Elementor Page Builder, developed with great care for detail, versatility and power. It' incredibly professionally, smoothly and slim, with a clear, contemporary design, for almost any need: Agent, Freelancer, blog, start-up, portfolio, application and more. These are not part of the subject and are NOT contained in the definitive purchasing file.

Parallax from RegalTheme

Parallax Proxa One Page Business Template.Proxa Speciali was specially developed for business startup, single agency, professional organization, personal portfolio, blogging niche. It is also suited for all types of companies, marketing specialists, design studios and professional designers. Proxa's main features are a streamlined and original layout that responds to all display devices and focuses on the User Experience (UX) layout.

Also Proxa is a dozen of functions under that, you can get Proxa's paying close attention. Proxa is a great way to get the most out of your Proxa. Functions of the Template:

One Page Parallax by XeOne topicsindustry

Use XeOne - One Page Parallax Bootstrap4 HTML5 and Responsive templates for all your start-ups. There are several navigational style sheets in this style sheet, with many different types of animated style sheets (CSS and JQuery), a great choice for start-ups, web studios and design studios. These templates are very well annotated and also have a matching help document.

Please note: All pictures are licenced to their owner and are used for demo purpose only and are not part of the downloaded version. - First XeOne - One Page Parallax Template started.

Bemax - One-sided parallax of UI-ThemeZ

A Parallax One Page is a perfect tool for business start-ups, web studios and design studios. It is a page for the placement of your information. Every file and every single one of the codes have been well organised and annotated for ease of customisation. Please note: Pictures are for demonstration purposes only and are not part of the package.

SRC - One-sided parallax of theme_ocean

SRC - One-sided parallax template, suited for contemporary companies. Well-organised and very simple to customise, SRK is a better way to present your company today. We have a committed 24/7 day customer service staff available to assist you. DO NOT FORGET TO GIVE US 5 STARS AND YOUR FEED BACK FOR A BETTER UPDATE IF YOU LIKE MY WORK.

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