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Fast reacting one- and multi-page portfolio topic from ridianur at a glance The Gerlong is a highly reactive WordPress product range with a neat, fat, modern and stylish look that can be used by professional agents, or even by individuals/freelancers to present product ranges and sales service. On almost every page/element you can modify or make your own layouts. Pre-defined header and footer and user-defined header and footer.

Use the Page Builder to generate your own header/footer. Various individual styles for portfolios and user-defined individual styles for portfolios. With the Page Builder, you can generate your own layouts for a particular portfoli. Pre-defined blogs and user-defined layouts. Customize your own styling for the blogs page with Page Builder. The contents can be changed directly within most user-defined elements of the Page Builder. 2.

You can also use the Page Builder to design your own page layouts. Click on the demonstration importer. Just click and drag everything on the demonstration page and you're done! Powerful theme options. Default: Pictures that are previewed are only for demonstration and are not part of the delivery.

The Talisman - One Page themed funcoder

The Talisman is an absolute new one page templatetyle. The template contains state-of-the-art visuals, a new, distinctive look and several shortcuts used in multifunctional topics. It can be used for businesses, agencies or portfolios. Properly organised and neat coding makes these drafts quick and robust.

This topic will be updated, improved and extended continuously. Would you always be able to go with time and advanced technology? Concept, design & programming by Krachulov Artem, Funcodern,

One-sided business topic - KonBiz by KlbTheme

The KonBiz is a Retina Display Ready Onepage Business WordPress themed page created with HTML5 & CSS3. You can easily create your own layouts in just a few clicks using the available Drag and Drop plug-in. If you want to give your website the possibility to be displayed completely with a Touchscreen, we strongly suggest you to use our KonBiz sliders.

Extended Topic Options Bar - You can customize your own page layouts using the stunning page creator of our administration panel. Simple installation and demo data - KonBiz offers you more simplicity when creating new pages, depending on your needs, so that you only have to copy your contents into the already created template and get the same look.

Awasome font - You can choose one of the scaleable symbols KonBiz has and easily adjust it to your liking. Functioning contact forms - It is not so difficult to build a new contact page by using the plug-in and you can also receive all your customers' news as e-mail.

We have a dedicated and dedicated technical assistance staff to answer all your queries on our subject and will do our best to help you by answering your query in a great way and on schedule. The visual songwriter has been upgraded.

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