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A Wordpress theme

Symbolic One It is a top of the range theme with pixels impeccable typeface and reactivity and is designed for page speeds of 95+, implemented correct page speeds so that your contents will be high level and is compliant with AIOSEO and YOAST page speeds, it makes the right use of customizers that allow you to set up the theme in a few moments, you can simply load the icon, change the wallpaper colour, text footing, search able links without having to touch each line of text without having to touch any line of codes. It is free of charge, the entrance to the technical assistance is here, problems and feedbacks report under .


Partallax One - Free WordPress Game Topic

Partallax One is a sleek and easy theme that can be used for any use. Comes with a neat, nice look and a fantastic nostril. As the name suggests, the theme has a stylish touch thanks to the parallel effect. All in all, it has a contemporary and plain look.

Besides, it can be used both as a multi-page and as a one-page topic. WooCommerce integrated, user-defined logo, menu and icon, several colour themes, many soft symbols, Google Maps, Parametric headers, plain scroll, plain message forms, price charts, user-defined mail type, full localisation and a plain, stylish outfit.

WordPress free of charge one page WordPressusiness theme

Breathtaking, fast-reacting, free One Page WordPress theme that's great for anyone who' wants to be inspired! As we know, not all of these skorbut-like yachtsmen use boats like Chrome or Firefox, so we've made sure that our topics are displayed in all of The Seven Seas' popular webmasters. Refresh website preferences such as: logos, softwares, colours,'n layouts from an easy-to-use user panel that guarantees an entertaining drive through our Theme Options panel.

No problem, as our theme is localised and you can readily compile the entire integrated text of the theme without any changes to the sources. Have a look at some of these stunning sites created with Parallax One. This is a web site for the IT Service Centre that Parallax One uses in its most simple way.

This site has a neat and tidy look and a beautiful full-surface parallax homepage headers. Below you can see how to use this fantastic design and create your website. The Parallax One fully responds to deliver an optimum visual sensation, ease of read and navigate with a minimal amount of sizing, pan and scroll across a variety of equipment.

Featuring liquid, proportion-based rasters and versatile imagery, each item has been rigorously evaluated to assure the flexibility of the design to meet your needs for future-proof work. Make unforgettable pages with a gentle palladium effect that everyone will love. Partallax One has an enhanced theme option pane that allows you to adjust any item slightly to the desired colour, making your website look and feel truly stunning.

Stay your site up to date on your activity with our integrated functionality. This theme uses Google Map to show accurate location and gives the user the opportunity to interactively visualise and recall a particular location. Parallax One is committed to our clients.

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