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Top 30+ Responsive & Free Magazine WordPress Topics WordPress topics that offer a robust and convenient framework for magazine web sites, message gateways, blogging and online community. An awesome, fast-reacting and free WordPress magazine developed for every company. There is a beautiful, cheerful look, with whites and blues, a full width slide control and many compartments.

WordPress is a free, up to date, clean to date and professionally designed e-commerce oriented magazine. There comes with a full width slide control, full width motion animation, rotten load effect and nice layouts. This design allows you to easily build your own online store thanks to the plug-in plug-in integrated with WooCommerce. The theme also gives you the choice of a box or full lay-out, has adjustment adjustments for backgrounds and colours, provides YouTube movie inclusion, and a lay-out for displaying several categories.

Can also be used on the move, as it is equipped with an attractive styling. AcosminBlogger, even if this name seems a little strange, is a fantastic, fast reacting and free WordPress topic for magazines and blogs. An easy, versatile and free WordPress magazine for any kind of company. Overall, the theme has a minimalistic but attractive look and will certainly look good on your website no matter what kind of store you own.

In terms of functionality, Alchem has an appealing look, both single- and multi-page layout, 7 home page style, many page presets for each section, shortcuts, limitless color, movie wallpaper, FontAwesome symbols, and many other adjustment possibilities. Moreover, the topic is kind sociable towards SMEs, translations and retina made. Today, response is a must.

For simplicity and style, the design adjusts the homepage design so that you can view your important information on the homepage simply. There is also more user-defined short code available where you can include everything like FAQ, customer input and more. Even this SEO-friendly topic with the latest encoding technology will make the searching machines like your site and place it higher in the results.

There is an optional setting in the design preferences that allows you to specify your default colour. Quickly and simply, Alchem allows the user to create their own customized pages with all the different shortcuts that Alchem contains. Understanding that some user need headline symbols, or a seek line or tag line, with the theme, you can modify the text, colour, fonts, etc. in the headers and footers.

Font Awesome also gives you the ability to customise the symbols: sizes, colours and more are all in your hands. Select from 4 different designs and have as many custom blogs as you want! This topic has been refreshed to include translation into more than one languages.

Allows you to add your own logos and favorites to your WordPress page. Everything is 100% Retina Ready and will look amazing on high-resolution screens like the MacBook Pro Retina, iPad or iPhone. We have also added thematic user choices to allow us to load their own logos and favicons to make sure they are retina ready.

The Alchem will look breathtaking on any high-resolution screen thanks to the crisp images that come with the subject! Page template" - "Title page" has many ready-made paragraphs, if you choose it as your homepage, you can modify it in the "Customize" section. alpha is a reactive and free WordPress theme, it is actually a children's theme of their own WordPress theme (as you may know, you must first instal the parents theme to use its children's themes).

In addition, alpha has a clear 2-column design that is ideal for normal blogging, and because it is an appealing design, your website will be simple to use on any platform/browser. The Apollo is a minimal-response, free WordPress magazine designed by Authentic Themes. Even this sleek, 2-column design was designed with Blogger in mind. What more?

Having released two wonderful Wordpress themes some time ago (Wilson & Hemingway), Anders Noren is back with another pretty girl named Baskerville. This is a free WordPress magazine for those who want to present their articles, video clips, pictures and gallery in an exclusive and stylish way. Made with Masonry, it is 100% fast and reactive and can be used with any browser/device.

Topics are the latest web trend, and if you look neat and nice, then look no more! is a breathtaking, fast-reacting and free magazine on the subject of WordPress. It is also a neat and stylish theme that can be used for your company's website. In fact, it provides the opportunity to display in Home an introduction page and the latest messages, a characteristic that is usual on many companies' websites.

Nevertheless, it is also ideal for a more traditionally use of WordPress, because even in the blogs versions the layouts remain lively and appealing. BlogsMaster is a beautiful and responding WordPress theme for free and free of charge for your own private web site that can be used for any use. There is a clear look, colourful knobs and a marked slide control.

The theme also has the classical look of a blogs, where the contributions are placed one below the other. Capable of processing large quantities of contents and nice photogalleries, it has different postal sizes. Furthermore, the redesign has an appealing look, performance and smooth optimisation, limitless colours, rotten charging pictures, JPG graphics processing, suspended side bars, integrated ad-sense - with suspended advertisements - and real-time customiser features.

The BlogMaster theme is fully adaptable and adaptable. The BresponZive is a versatile and free WordPress theme magazine from ThemePacific. You can use this topic for news/editorial pages, technology magazine blog, etc. Devpress has created Cascade, a universal, highly reactive and free WordPress theme that includes 12 additional layout options, post-layouts, several dropdown lists, 12 widgets and many other great functions.

The CleanMag is a fast reacting and free WordPress magazine for blogs/magazine websites. It also offers a clear and minimalist look with a 2-column lay-out, one of the key features is the user-defined home page jQuery slide bar. An attractive, fast reacting and free WordPress topic for online magazine and newspaper, with a contemporary look and well organised contents.

This theme has a clear look and feel and offers a variety of features including free online content, advertising space, colourful tagging, wide screen ads and slider controls. You can also use ColorMag as a blogs theme if you are planning to take your latest blogs to another layer. The ComboMag is a free WordPress magazine that responds to the magazine lifestyle. Diese vptemplate had built-in colour choices for your website headers, navigators, sidebars and footers.

Using the beloved use of Custom Web Fonts in many website developments today, this webtemplate also had 600+ Google Web Fonts for you to select from. Furthermore, this vptemplate is suited for any weblogger who operates messages, magazines and websites related to the evolution of weblogging platforms. Many webmasters like to use this multipurpose web page template in their MultiSite WordPress Website Extension Network with the multi-purpose web page template designed for it.

Apart from the fact that this vptemplate is also fully responsesive and portable kind, suited for any website developer who focuses on portable blogs, you can test it in your portable devices like your iPod touch or your iPod touch. curiosity is a fast reacting and free WordPress theme from Gazpo, which is equipped with a 2-column minimum layout and is a great theme for your magazine or newscast.

Deliver Lite is an elegantly neat, fast reacting and free WordPress magazine created by the people at ThemeJunkie. It is designed for magazine-like pages. The DualShock is a 100% free, two-tier UI topic for blogs and magazines. The best functions like the option panels, user-defined Widgets, translatable functions and SEO are available.

Featuring a one-of-a-kind lay-out that includes an elegant post-meta information texture, dual-shock responsive and free magazine WordPress theme is a must-have theme, and the best part is, it's free. DoubleShock offers a one-of-a-kind, high-quality design with user-defined post-meta information boxes and designed broads. Optimize and adjust your dual-shock by using the option window, so you don't have to tap a line of text to make your changes.

As with all shop topics, DualShock is highly reactive and works smoothly on all machines and web browser platforms. In a free WordPress theme, WordPress is almost unknown about using advanced technology, but the developer has taken up the challenges and integrated the best possible query optimisation into DualShock. Designers have integrated the DualShock user-defined widget libraries so you don't have to play around with additional plug-ins to create your website.

The radio button lets you select a wide range of different background settings, from designs to colours to textures and more, with endless choices. Identify the colours that reflect the personalities of your website and customise them all to your specifications, with limitless colour scheme choices. The FlyMag is a contemporary and attractive, fast reacting and free WordPress magazine for journals and message-sites.

There is a clear appearance, a marked slide control and a cheerful styling. It' s designed to allow you to incorporate any type of video into your website while using your video as a widget. FlyMas also has an appealing look, a beautiful selection of user-defined Widgets, Google Font, user-defined colours and customisation choices.

It is also suitable for translations and can also be used for blog posts or other kinds of contents. FlyMag also has an sleek look as its contents emerge slowly with the llazy load effect. WPExplorer's GoPress is a superminimal and light, fast reacting and free WordPress theme that is perfectly suited for any magazine, message or blog site.

In addition, the theme was designed with a strong emphasis on the fundamental mail formats to keep things easy and make it easy for you to switch from one theme to another or vice versa. What's more, the theme is designed with a strong emphasis on the fundamental mail formats to keep things easy. As always, the theme will be published under the GPL licence, as all WP topics should be Enjoy!

It is a premier reactive and free WordPress magazine with free pixels, flawless typeography and reactivity and is constructed for page speeds of 95++, Your website is designed for 95+ page speeds, Your website is implemented with correct page speeds, so that your website becomes high level and is fully compliant with AIOSEO and YoungSo, It also makes the right use of customizers, which allows you to set up the theme in just a few moments, You can simply load the icon, change the wallpaper colour, text footing, search engine text, without having to change any line of text, Edit your website's website's social web address, and without having to change any line of text, You can simply load the icon, change the wallpaper colour, change the text footing, search engine's text, and more.

Finally, it takes advantage of the latest natives of HTML 5, CSS3, and Wordpress to create the greatness that looks good in any web browsing experience. JusWrite is a fast-reacting and free WordPress magazine with clear text and an open look. NEW** in 2. 0: Create the look and feel of your homepage with 10 section and 8 customized side bar widgets. 10 section and 8 customized side bar widths.

Meetinga is a free WordPress theme that's easy to use, blog ging and free, loaded with a host of premier functions, plus uniquely designed widgets and user-defined template files. WPZOOM's extended framework allows you to adapt every detail of your design to your needs. This theme's design adjusts itself to every monitor size on desktops and portable gadgets (iPhone, iPad).

Select a user-defined head picture to be displayed at the top of your website. Using the enhanced Theme Options Panel, you can customise any detail of your design to your needs with ease. You can use the customized Widget for the side bar and the bottom bar, including: The MH Lite is an eye-catching, fast-reacting and free WordPress Theme magazine from MH Themes.

Like the name says, this topic is intended for magazines and newsletters. In addition, it has many great functions such as homepage sliders, advertising possibilities, built-in Relate Posts, etc.. It is the free copy of MH Newsdesk WordPress Theme with base functions. And if you want more functions and choices, you can update to the Premier Edition and take advantage of more great functions and great topic help desk coverage.

The programming of MH Newsdesk elite has been carried out with great diligence and in accordance with best practice and WordPress programming standard. It is a completely reactive and free WordPress theme that looks great on desktop and mobile workstations. All theme settings of MH Newsdesk elite are included in the WordPress Theme Customizing tool inclusive real-time previews.

Quick to respond and free of charge, this WordPress magazine contains base version Wididgets such as "MH Custom Posts" and "MH Facebook Likebox". WorldPress 4. Available in 1+, supporting all major browser (IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) and WordPress Multisite. The design can be customized at will. One page, fast reacting and free, Onetone is a WordPress magazine that is bootstrap driven and encoded with HTML5/CSS3.

There are several available choices if you want to make some customizations, such as change your wallpaper, scroll your pallax, upload your videos wallpaper, font awesome icons, your logos and favorite icons, add your own customized style sheets, and so on. It is also fast reacting, clear and optimised for advancedEO. Font, color, wildness and altitude etc. for example, you can adjust them at will.

They' re fast to fix issues, make sure the whole theme is compliant with the latest WordPress release, and are dedicated to new functions and work. We also offer comprehensive assistance and keep the topics up to date. There is also a user-defined section where you can include everything from FAQ to customer reviews and more.

In addition to supporting home page wallpaper clips, the Onetone design allows you to add a full width controller to your home page, which means you get another way to create your home page. One of the few free WordPress topics that can make presenting YouTube movies on your website very simple is Onetone.

Also the Onetone styling is optimised for high-resolution display. In order to make your website future-proof, it is important that your website looks good even on modern display screens. Awesome Font is an important icon in WordPress topics. Font Awesome also gives you the ability to customise the symbols: sizes, colours and more are all in your hands.

Allows you to include your own SNS icon on your homepage and your Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr and other pages. With Onetone you have the great liberty to design your website individually. There are several different backgrounds that allow you to modify anything you need. This topic has been refreshed to include translation into more than one languages.

Regardless of where you come from or what languages your guests are speaking - you can change the languages at any time! cbPress is a board application with a WordPress developer turn. Easy setting up of bulletin boards in your based website. Onetone fully integrates With Onetone, to be as effective as possible while being fast to respond and looking great on the myriad of machines available to today's user.

Friendliest, fastest reacting and free WordPress magazine for web pages of the medium and newspapers. Designed with simplicity and clarity in mind, the zigzag format makes it easier for the visitor to read and understand. Besides publishing on news pages, the theme is a good option for blogging and even picture gallery, as it is available in several different postal sizes.

The PressNews is optimised for rapid response and smooth operation, has an appealing look, endless colours, sluggish loads, JPG graphics processing, hovering side bars, AdSense integrated and many other user-defined features. Per Blogg is an stylish and contemporary, fast-reacting and free WordPress magazine for general blogs or journals. Attractive styling, with a lovely sliding roundabout, appealing typeface and a clear outline.

The pages of this theme are stylish and orderly. Overall, Pro Blogg is a theme that shows that when it comes to great looks, ease still dominates. In addition, the theme offers an appealing look, a fully customizable user experience, advanced comment coding, a tagged slide bar, various posting choices, customized background and menu items, community link, authors boxes, endless scroll, customized widgets, and various mail types.

It also has a neat and cheerful look and comes with colourful lettering and knobs.

This theme is great for general themes, but you can customise it to a Niche website if you like. It is also quick to respond in terms of styling, loading quickly and provides a multi-lingual user experience - it can be converted into 46 different language versions. With RenNews Child, you have a variety of customisation choices - user-defined background, user-defined colour, user-defined headers, user-defined menus, either side bar and full width templates.

It has a well-organized theme supporting large quantities of contents. Impressive, memorable, responsive and free WordPress magazine designed for the photographer. Note the simple nature of this theme, which makes it stylish and sober. Smart Magazine is a good-looking, fast-reacting and free WordPress magazine for online magazine and newspaper.

AdSense is designed for easy AdSense inclusion, so you can place more than one ad on your site, including tagging and tagging. Smart Magazine also has a sleek look, a wide bottom line, several side bars and a slide bar with the most important notices. This motif retains the classical and stylish monochrome look.

Fast-reacting and free WordPress topic for online magazine, newspaper and blog, with a packed and colourful homepage and a large, broadfootline. In addition, the topic contains a current Newsticker, advertising banner and can be used for any use. In terms of functionality, the redesign offers an appealing look, AdSense connectivity, widgets, user CAPTCHA annotations, soft link, multi-color, custom background, and the translated text is out.

The TopBest is a fast-reacting and free WordPress magazine created by ThemeSmarts staff. It is a multifunctional website with 5 homepage laysouts and many great functions. The WallPress is a fast-reacting and free WordPress magazine with a grid-based lay-out. The minimalistic look does not detract the reader in any way and makes your contents beaming.

Fully adaptable, reactive and free WordPress magazine suitable for any use. It can be used for blogs, corporate or web portals. This theme also has a cheerful and colourful look, with great animation and interactivity areas that give it a contemporary look.

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