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It is perfect for fashion designers, bands, jewellery makers, craftsmen and other artists. Explore your online store & Be discovered by millions of shoppers. This is the only eCommerce platform that offers two great ways to sell online: With our free Online Shop Builder, you can create a free online shop and start your own online business.

Building & Expand your online business with a simple platform.

This is the only eCommerce site that offers two great ways to trade online: Expand your online business with a single easy place to do business. Start by up-loading your product. Gain instant exposure to billions of clients. Launch your storefront and gain instant market entry to billions of integrated clients. It is a easy but effective way to be spotted by new people.

Create a professionally designed online store that looks like your company. It only takes a few moments to create and set up a professionally designed, custom shop that looks like your company. Have we already mentioned that it is free! Expand your company and join the motion. Each new company and each new buyer that enters helps us to raise consciousness and make other companies, just like yours, a success.

Expand your company and help strengthen a more entrepreneurial environment like yours. Become part of the fasted expanding online community with tens of thousands of indie branded stores and million of consumers supporting the small businesses community. Advertise your company with ease. Buyers who "watch" your store will be alerted each and every times you bring new items to the store.

Shopping communities vote on their favourite Envying items. As more Envies your product receives, as more attention your company receives on the Trendfeed, the Categories pages and in the results. As your company becomes more active in the market, there is a greater opportunity for your company to appear.

Freely customizable online shop. One of your own online shops. Simply customise your shop to look like your company. Immerse yourself directly in HTML & CSS and let your individual shop look the way you want it to. Has all the functions you need to run a great store and nothing you don't do.

PayPal business account needed. Keep 100% of your sale in your store. Visit your online store and let millions of shoppers discover you.

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