Online Theme Maker

Creating Online Topics includes everything you need to build your online presence. There are two main areas to the theme editor. All changes made on your site can be viewed online immediately.

Portable Theme Builders

There are 8 good looking designs that you can use in your web, hybrids and natives applications. Use our Theme builder to help you build the look that will excite your people. We' ve developed the ultimate tools for you that makes it simple and entertaining to adjust the 8 designs, which include iPOS, iPOS7, Android, Android, Android Holo (light and dark), Windows Phone (light and dark), Sense UI, jQuery Mobile (inherits patterns from jQM) and our standard theme.

Using the new live editors, you don't have to save/load the design to try it, you can see the effects of your changes immediately. Return to your stored theme at any point, modify and retrieve it without having to type HTML or HTML or CSS at all.

Dokumentation - Theme Editor " HTML Form Builder Online, PHP Form Creator - MachForm

With the Design Editor, you can customize the look and handling of your forms, such as logos, text, backgrounds, frames, etc., to suit your visual needs. There are two major areas to the theme editor. In the upper area you will find the button for the styles and in the lower area a thumbnail of your template. When you click one of the categories icons, all associated properties icons for that particular categories appear.

Then you can click each of the property icons to view the Property page. Changing any of these options immediately displays the results in the forms view area. In order to design a new design, click on the Edit Design button in the top -level navigator or choose Design New from the drop-down list in the upper right hand corner of the design editor.

Create your theme by customizing the settings as needed, and then click the Save Topic icon. In order to modify a theme, choose the name of the theme from the drop-down list. Thumbnails of the chosen theme are shown and you can further customize the theme. When you are done, click the "Save Topic" icon to save the changes.

Sometimes you need to use user-defined HTML to customize your design or execute certain things that cannot be done with the design editor (such as alignment of some of your panels on a line). New Theme Editor allows you to insert any existing style sheet to your design.

In the Theme Editor, click the drop-down list in the upper right hand corner and choose Sophisticated. The system prompts you to type your own HTML page in. When you' re done, just store your design to accept any changes. As soon as you have a design, you can use it on any shape.

In order to add a topic to a specific template, go to the template manager and click the "Topic" symbol. Choose the topic you want to use and click the Save. Update your forms to see the results. When the new design is not used, clear your browsers memory and update your forms again.

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