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Naturally, the eye-catching look of the minimalist design is not the only advantage. Beautiful animations included in every template to make your website amazing! The structure of your website is as simple as copying and pasting ready-to-use HTML blocks. Easy C. Vitae - Free HTML/CSS template.

Some simple but solid patterns for attractive HTML emails.

Twenty-five free HTML resume templates for your successful online application

We published a few week ago a collection of free, totally new and totally free templates for resumes created in either PSD, AI or PDF format, just one of the samples being in HTML. Authors will give you tips on how to boost your résumé by presenting their visions of creating from neat minimum mock-ups to vivid, illustration-based templates.

Every pattern provides an excellent basis for personal introductions by making a paper-based copy or sending it by e-mail using a file-based method. But if you want to go a little further, surprise your prospective employers and immediately get invited for an job interview, you should purchase an HTML-based CV submission.

Likewise, a small enquiry sheet, which your prospective employers can use to get in touch with you quickly, does no damage. In general you can use HTML and CSS for your applications to greatly enhance and enhance them. Naturally, prototypeing a first-class web page needs at least some web design skills from the ground up. However, if you are not too technical, you can always use templates that are easy to customize.

Or, use a ready-made model as a basis for improvement while making sure you don't skip important information. Have a look at the following compilation, which includes a number of free CV HTML templates and several on-line tools to help you build an on-line CV, even if you are a total webdeveloper.

Sample for attractive HTML e-mail templates

HTML e-mail is a three-headed hound from hell between cell phone, Gmail and Outlook. Letting her react shouldn't make the pain worse. There are only a few appealing e-mail samples that make a big contribution. Menu items are divided so that they can be used, deleted, merged and interleaved to create an e-mail.

Every submission contains commentary and has good help with common e-mail services. Serberus is the sequel to Responsive Email XX. The Cerberus is a small set of HTML e-mail layouts. It has been tried in all "popular" e-mail programs, but not in every e-mail program out there. It concentrates on a smooth lay-out with percent wide dimensions to contract horizontal on small displays.

You cannot re-configure this e-mail setup for different display size. When you want a simple artwork to be able to handle rei-text and pictures, this is a good starting point. Great for more complex, shape-changing e-mail lieouts that work on some portable workstations. Describes how this pattern uses container requests to re-configure the different size screens for e-mail client that supports container requests.

Instead, however, those that do not handle requests for items or the tags will show a smaller copy of the screen outline. A few Gmail (still) and Yahoo releases as well as a number of global e-mail client releases (more here). When you are already familiar with your own enquiries, the learn bend is relatively small.

When full equipment cover is not needed, you can generate a responding e-mail just as you generate a responding Web site. Using a hybride paradigm, this tool reconfigures the layouts for different e-mail client display screens regardless of whether you are supporting querying or not. As soon as a base line suitable for mobility has been defined, press inquiries will gradually improve the e-mail sent to those client computers that use it.

For those with e-mail designing expertise, this sample will optimize any major e-mail application. The whole additional Outlook coding can make these templates quite large, and your math must be just right for multi-column layout. The Cerberus is tried in the most favourite e-mail customers, as Litmus and my own e-mail campaign reports.

I have concentrated on the following customers: If I say "tested," I mean "e-mail won't break apart." Not that I mean "Everything is pixels perfekt in Outlook" or "I've found a way to make your requests work everywhere. Every customer not mentioned above should be regarded as untried. When you have the feeling that I have skipped a favorite e-mail program or can suggest a non-stabilizing fix for one, please report a problem!

Litmus (who tests every e-mail client) has Cerberus in his e-mail builder, so there is. For e-mail customers, the CS in is only intended for analysing CSF at this point. This not only affects the speed of downloads, but also some e-mail programs like Gmail and iPhone OS Mail that cut off mail after it exceeds a certain limit.

Note that there are three templates that are sharing a large amount of common source material. I am a frontend and web design engineer who works on web sites, web applications and HTML email.

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